Teacher comes home

forgiveness, forgiveness, it’s better to be a sinner who forgives

rather than a righteous person who can’t,

it’s the same reason we must teach, and teaching is not learning,

teaching is showing,

history repeats itself unless we change what we’ve always done,

wisdom dictates we change that which does not work, and for too many

people it simply does not work.

when Jesus came about, he understood the righteous indignation of the

well healed and learned lot, how sympathies were easy to excite, and most

importantly the value of story, cause in his eyes and in his fathers eyes,

we are all children, and as children, we have imagination and a heart that

waits to be fullfilled. why do you think his last words were, forgive them,

well is it not time to create a society that practices what;s right even for a

short while, before the teacher come’s home!.


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