change the world

republicans, democrats, the disillusioned, even the cat, what if, it’s the question we ask, tragedy after tragedy, well this may solve all those questions you ask, and without having to spill any blood, it could change the outlook of the world, imagine that.

rather than give out complain spout off even rant, imagine a world, i’m referring to the good old U.S.A. in fact, but with the usual diatribe and response to come, when the next election comes round, why not set up a fund, one dollar a week, from all of you who live therein, to be used in the event of the right man or woman choosing to run in, in the next presidential election, assuming we get that far. we have a two party system, suits the current main parties, but imagine if this week, a bank account became available, whereby, Americans of all groupings could contribute to, in less than a year there would be enough to encourage a candidate, that represented the interests of all the people, not those on the left or the right. currently, money decides who gets elected, meritocracy doesn’t count anymore. i know the first thing out of your minds is fraud, who’ll get the cash, well how about trying to get one person, possibly a woman, to stand for the position. it would bring the lobbying industry to it’s knees, to have a totally independent person of integrity and zeal in charge, rather than the party person, whom one side or the other owns. in God we trust you say, well God Most High loves believers most of all, who act accordingly.


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