addiction help

Addiction, a frame of mind, a need unfulfilled, a craving that becomes twisted over time, it begins in the heart, the first stages of your inner development, the experiences that you can’t deal with, the burden that doesn’t let you shine, the confidence that is missing, the hope you have been building, it just doesn’t materialize as planned, you keep seeking you just can’t find, some people hide it, the store in their work, others it’s a habit, could be alcohol, to others it’s medication, could even be your good luck, cause once you conquer it, it’s amazing the strength in it, addiction, and here is than answer, the one they have been seeking, since the beginning of time. In a nutshell, everything begins in a nutshell, so don’t feel so small, you are not the only person, whose been daunted, so here goes, this is my simple explanation, if you pass it on, the way love was supposed to work, you will no longer be addicted, and this is why. In the first instance, it’s no one’s fault that you became controlled by this conflict, it’s a fight for your soul, what are you saying. When a child is born, it was out of love this miracle occurred, two hearts got together, a chemistry was created, of the loving kind, and when this love became intimate, a third person was born, you me the neighbor next door, everyone born on the planet, was a combination of love, well that was the goal, cause love is the only cause divine. Baby seeks nurture reassurance of the unconditional kind, grows in confidence and strength, picks up the habits of the parents, and the influence of those around. Along the way it did not always work out, as folks grew in different directions, the child got separated from it’s original berth, experiences came and went, heart was torn and hurt, child grew further confidence got weaker, when the pain became unbearable, substitution became a survival of a kind. It is why so many people in prisons, be it the one you hide your addiction in, or the prison cell you spend years in, have addiction, they rebelled and acted strange, picked up habits they escaped to, to avoid the conflict in their heart divine. 

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