Mr President

Only children are surprised, no need to be alarmed, growing them up quicker than ever before,  farmed children like good old factory reared chicken, Bill O’Reilly throws up over his coffee outrageous, soon there will be none of them, children, what are you waiting for, go for it dudes look all the innocent fools, take advantage of them younger they’ll never know, and when you get older you’ll all be pals, cause that’s all they will ever know, sounds familiar with the world we all share today, no no  I hear ye shout out what disregard for all that charity work, I’ve a reputation you know, know what it costs to run five houses today, choking sound as little boy no food can’t use teeth, tried to eat the furniture thought it was a lump of meat, rap rap rap man did see what they did to us man were just getting them back, surrounded by knicker wearing white chicks gloats for all the world so see, look at me I’m a black guy and I’ve made, not only that I’m doing it with your chicks, outrage screams obama they can’t hold men who are innocent, he thinks this while he sleeps, wakes in the morning eats breakfast as normal, what’s in today’s paper dear as michelle passes the cheese, same us usual a meeting with congress now that ain’t useful,

Are you now supposed to run that stuff the man I married said he would, that was before they elected me dear, like those promises you made me and the kids, sending me to Ireland while you play Golf and party, it’s custom in Ireland to have fun and enjoyment.

Talk of trade its business the same tactics of the mafia, what they never told you until they couldn’t let you go, meanwhile young Johnny and friends are surfing porn and behaving in a strange kind of way, is that your little sister asks one while they call her away, she giggles laughs loves that play stuff, a little dirty when she comes in mammy asks her what’s she being up to, she gurgles something stupid it all seems confusing, this is a pattern and it’s going on everywhere night and day, authorities every where blind to the truth like they are heading for hell, afraid to speak up say it as it is, were all in the boat together they wont send the good guys as well, hope in numbers I suppose but that’s pushing the boat out too far, no everyone drowned on the Titanic, there were survivors who had a story to tell, like that old western movie you see all the time, bartender or the butler is usually the last man standing, so where do you stand a customer a user or a child, who do you think you actually are…false prophets out there promising wealth and everything material things, think your heading to disaster cause you’ve been warned,  well, building castle and walls around your small flock ,that’s the story of the white house and all those who want to get it, we wont get donors if it don’t seem like love

Mr President, big smile that’s why I bring along michelle, Look Michelle I know the kids will love traipsing around Dublin, who in their right mind would want to spend the day drinking cool beer, walking the beach and driving with boys, only a child, that’s right, only a child, everyone else prefers to be making money…

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