Your internet search’s, phone calls to all and sundry, bank account and credit card details, all being spied on, and you’re a turkey, looking on helplessly,  Christmas is advancing fast,  it’s all totally legal, not that you have a say, welcome to the modern world, of surveillance and crime.  had direct contact with these types, the zealot world they live in, I’m certain the whistle blowing, is going to get louder and louder, amen. Excuses they use to justify anything, some call it being patriotic, tell that to victims of abuse, the countless number of children, sacrificed as evidenced, in the number of care homes, where the perverted were comforted, because of the positions they held, with the consent of the security services, orphans abandoned and leftovers, who’ll notice them anyway, the country is secure you understand, it’s in the interests of the country, same excuse used to destroy Iraq  and other places as well, did edward snowden do quite well, he woke us up from a slumber that was leading us over the cliff.


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