doubting thomas

Sell doubt, cause the brain to riot, sell doubt, raise the emotional heat, sell doubt, invent a new cause célèbre, keep them busy, confuse and alarm, appear to share, cast doubt everywhere, the battle of the soul rages, you did what, they did that, count the body parts, could be cemetery, could be fate, and in the end, you are given a bill, for toxic decisions made, a mess you have to clear up.

Hasn’t much education, few friends and miserable relations, haven’t this haven’t that, so they give him medication, kill those inside reservations, the army will sort him out, he’s intoxicated they let him join, safer in Iraq than in the town, street wise and smug they think, he might could home with a purple heart, he might come home in many parts


The paparazzi lights, they shoot tonight, hasn’t sunk in, all the easy killing, the souls that now follow, the moment is shallow, two days time he’ll be alone, no cause no orders to follow, isolated forgotten a number, he’s back on the medication, it’s short term they say, but they invent new medicine, they invent new diseases by the day


Johnny cash and his angels, look down on this strange situation, they pump you full of gas, then let you go full blast, in some far off destination, away from harm that’s local only, they think of themselves pure and holy, what if you kill someone else, we’ve tribunals’ and stuff, for those type of situations, the voice of reason, facing total obliteration


Many disasters later, obese and pumped up, needs a lift to get out of bed, needs electric shock to wake him up, swears how great the nation is, they keep the pension topped up, independence day they wheel him out, he waves the flag till his arms had enough,  not a prayer or a thought, for the lives destroyed, the children left distraught,

Selling doubt doesn’t seem so bad after all.


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