babies got eyes!Babies eyes still developing, exposed to radiant garish colours, blobs of light and infatuation, moves across and down, squeaky sounds follows movement, I hope you realize the child is spellbound. Exposing children to such colours, when barely able to mutter, stuck in the same position, while your making the supper, how’s baby you ask, you look over and reply with a smile, he’s looking at guey this and that, safe you think all that matters, it’s what goes on in the head, not what looks good that should matter, I guess were all to lazy, when it comes to celebrity matters. Now stars are stars, they shine really on me and you, but celebrity, when exposed to children, keeps them busy you say, makes them dumb easy to sway, and this has been well known for over fifty years, so what’s going on, cause God Most High, isn’t laughing and your gonna have to make up, well…do you think life is a gift or a right, to do what you like with, okay if that’s your position, but only those who appreciate the gift, are given help when it matters, well, you’d hardly give the guy who keeps on using people more, to be given any gifts of a heavenly disposition, just saying, but don’t loose heart, none of us are perfect, besides, he gave us the story to the prodigal son, to keep us holding on, no matter how bad our past, and ain’t that the best news in the world, it’s never too late to turn back…

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