war of the soul

They never drug test TV celebrities, Important decision makers, journalists, or those that help form opinions, anywhere, never, wherever, makes you wonder, even teachers!

Do you have children, have you ever been a child, did you grow up too fast, were you allowed to be a child. The world is at crisis, the war of the soul has begun in earnest.


Dressed in robes, candle holders and incense, the ceremony begins, words pour out that no one understands, audience bows down, children in the gathering, wonder what is going on. interpretation of a story long ago, they are going through a trance, no real love on show. Why you ask is this, not far from the front door, children struggle with a world confused, is it love they chase, what is it they adore. It could be the MTV, or another award ceremony, interspersed among them all, is a world full of sexuality. Draped princess’s bling happy daddies, trophies they give to each other, just one of their formalities. young one’s marvel at the glitter and the light, I want to be like them, the little one shouts. Bitch me hit me do you like it down there, daddy has a stiff one, needs some help he swears, children wonder what the lyrics, they don’t fully understand, it’s those sexual images, that they see they comprehend. first day born, they understand what’s going on, they are just meant to hear, too young to be asking, tender and in need of help, they don’t do much or stand, but their minds take it in, their little brains are being developed. And it’s been planned to be this way. this trick of evil persuasion, has been the cancer, tearing the world apart. It’s happening everywhere, read the papers if you dare ,watch the titans on the move, it’s going on everywhere, and like trapped rats in a corner, they’ll lunge one last time, so watch out, for it’s been spoken about, many thousands of years ago, the scenario the world is looking into, the abyss that is not far away. Denial is not a river in Egypt, it’s the condition of the mind, what’s one more child for the alter of death, when they are hungry everywhere. In a small room men gather, dressed suave in silk suits, come in child she smiles, the thrill they get moves them, rag doll she’s told, they pass her man to man, young one knows she’s liked, doesn’t understand what’s going on. Higher up the ladder, she’s totally addicted and secretive, now they use her to tempt, like she’s working for the evil one. Reward comes in many guises, nice clothes and easy work roles, and it’s happening tonight, like it has been for years and years, do you not wonder how do many men get away with it, so many involved so powerful too. Well, it’s out, and those that assist and support such endeavors, can expect no surprises when the Good Lord comes…amen

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