if you were God..any ideas..

Many folks said to me overtime, that I would make a good preacher, perhaps, when I saw the number of wars being fought over religions, the political groupings that formed out of religions, and the way religious leaders rarely follow the teachings of a loving God, and how most of them forgot the simple notion of loving, I made a decision to inform using words, without bias for religion in particular even if I’m catholic by birth, and Christian in heart.

I had the dream many years ago, and it all came through, I’ve been an outlaw all those years, but in the dream I was told that I would never be hungry if I was filled with the hunger for God, and acted accordingly. I have tried to do it as best I can, and I can say with certainty, every dream came through, as far as I wanted it. I was even advised to set up my own religion, it’d make you rich they said, that killed that idea.

Choices are an everyday experience, and I had more than most. I know that the one thing that is killing us, is the environment into which we are bringing children. Mothers privately are resigned to the world being dangerous for children no matter how rich. Children are taking their own lives in record numbers throughout the globe. If fifty children are killed tonight in any of the war zones, they’ll be forgotten by the next day or two. If the same children were killed in New York City, there would be a call for war or revenge somewhere. It’s property, all about location.

Be like children is the best advise you’ll ever get. Children don’t become bigots, they are trained to become bigots. Children are love seeking, friend seeking. If allowed to grow up in a world that affords them time and heaps of encouragement, they do just fine. How many relationships fall apart because one partner doesn’t have the time to put into it, most of them. Why would relationships with children be any different…no time to put in, no INN to put in time…


Finally, before you line out more cocaine, take out your favorite porno movie, a third of all internet searching is for porn sadly, maybe your into alcohol, most of you are into pills of some kind, perhaps your doing it all, one piece of advice. If you were God, and you had complete control over all things, but you had to abide by your promises, and the day of judgment was around the corner, as it seems to be. Who would you take into your company, or what would you take into your company when the final whistle blew. Any ideas!.

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