New Horror

A week goes by the horror of the torture of young minds forgotten, just another left over, but we’ll get back to that if the horror next door doesn’t work out, well we can’t make a movie that will show us up for all the kids we mutlilate, even if it’s the truth and full blown, that’s suicide for us they say, what chance truth in a world so clearly corrupt and abusive, well let’s not go into that the dow jones is reaching record highs, we’ll continue to focus on that, even if the accountant and laywer behind so many of these firms have been caught telling lies, bit like the story of Lord Jesus and the abuse he had to endure, it wasn’t one of us they cry, trying to blame their neighbor instead like all those Mexican lies, whose coke was it anyway. Do you ever wonder why they never drug test TV anchors, news people, populations or international news media people or those in the fashion houses when all the world is aware of the deception and lies that goes on therein, well don’t have to wonder anymore. For 2% of the cost of policing the problem they could buy up all the heroin in Afghanistan, well there are no jobs in doing that, now is there, as for the young men and women whose blood they spill in the sand, there’s plenty more to replace them, do things change quickly get that off the news they scream, I hope your beginning to understand…give her the company flag a pension and letter from the president, she’ll feel like we care and stuff then it’s out of our hands, and they think it’s good enough to treat people that way, dying in the sand is not a fake tan, well not anymore I can say with confidence. Boston forgotten almost, another horror grabs the nation, TV networks around the world descend on the dire situation, how much can we get out of this the editor asks, don’t worry we’ll invent something else.



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