This is an opinion about [Life-changing Alzheimer’s Love Story:
life begins, a love is born, a relationship develops, and like children we are smitten with each other, it’s just that we have to grow wiser, and learn as we grow in love, which a new born child does for us, reminds us of our own frailties and dependency on others, yes, that new born child is one of us, and like children we remain or that was the plan, instead we became a lessor form of child, greed lust pride etc etc…half the worlds children live in poverty, it’s something we often forget, celebrity is deemed more important than reason, we allow ourselves to be manipulated, everyone is doing it so why not me, standards have crashed, and we are still children, we just pretend not to know, it’s why we end life as children, it’s the way we are and have always been, children, and blessed are the children as they say…


This is an opinion about Dreams:
I woke this morning, and i was living the dream, having real conversations with friends i haven’t seen, asking questions i ought to have asked, getting the answers that needed to be spoken, so i went back to sleep, and dreamed a little more, and my mind and heart entwined as i recalled the love given to me, and the love that is yet unseen, finally i had to rise, this being the Sabbath day, and off to church i ride, my head full of dreams, no nightmares in sight, just to live one day at a time, what could be simpler i decide, and for many years now, i’ve lived in a dream, and watched it come through, and the best thing about it, i know that God dreams too, hopes that we make that effort, pick up the threads of our thoughts, and from all our rambling thoughts, works out what is best, so when you dream, or more accurately, when you wish, wish for the best of all that is good, and see to your delight, when it all comes through, it just takes times you see, the child in the womb took ten months to come through, it wasn’t an overnight success, but a planned effort of time love and preparation combined, and like a child that grows proud and tall, don’t take merit for the work of our lord, just be grateful…

Situations Vacant- papacy

person of many skills, compassion, boundless love, wisdom to die for, aware of nature, wary of religions, with great eternal contacts, wanted to unite the world in love and understanding, experience required in creating and maintaining love, dealing with the hard hearted, enlightening all, sounds like an add you’d read in the back of a national newspaper, or a Hollywood movie, but the importance of being led wisely can’t be overstated, considering the state of so many countries today, and the danger we are all facing into, and the many warning signs that are coming at us at a frenetic pace. I have not always seen eye to eye with people in powerful situations, the entire world is a polluted mess, if your young and hungry and living on the wrong piece of sod, chances are you’ll die soon, the UN will arrive when it’s too late, if your a mother trying to raise your children free from sexualised violence, you’d be better off moving to the south pole, the ice is harder there, if your a young man and you choose to respect women your classified as foolish or strange, if your honest and you wish to tell the truth, nobody will want you near them, fear, go away they will say we don’t need trouble over here, but if you have no morals, totally crass, and into all that is unwise stupid and soul destroying, willing to bribe, active in the encouragement of corruption, you’ll have no end of friends willing to agree with you, and that is why, we need moral leaders who use their influence for the well being of all, rather than the selective few. when business and politics dictates to us, you are the menu, when faith in God is diminished, trust in everything fails eventually, as we have been seeing the world over, so whatever your climbing partner preference is up that mountainy hill, pray that the person you meet on the way up, is there to help you, not send you down. Lets voice our opinions while we have one…

a little bit of chaos ain’t no harm…

This is an opinion about [Post-Holiday Depression]
if life was planned out for us yard by yard, i don’t think there would be much to notice, and like i said to a young friend of mine, it’s not how you start that matters, it’s how you finish. in between we do the things we do, mess up this, fall a little, get up a little more, climb up the ledge of the mountain, build a platform, (get an education), move on a little more, create new friendships, perhaps think about settling down, but all the time we are climbing, investing in experience, good or bad, we are living. in a nutshell, the most interesting person i ever met, it didn’t last three hours, it was on a train, and yes, making it sound adventurous, i was travelling from the south of france to paris, my french wasn’t good, his english wasn’t great, the other occupant of the carriage, a beautiful youngish american lady, she translated a little for us all to converse, so in the middle of this trio i was one, but what i learned in those three short hours, we were in paris too soon, has remained with me to this day, God is very real, and no words will ever explain it better than experience, so if life is a mess and things are upsides down, just think of all the hidden things your going to find when you begin to sort it all out, prepare to be surprised..

Poem for Mankind

While a tree grows it depends on its roots for some of it’s success, not all. While a child grows up, it depends on its parents. Is there a special chemical the body produces when a man and woman entwine? Beethoven was a problem child, he had lots of problems. Did his parents contribute to his success, of course, they had to encourage him. Various words appear on screen, some made sense, some total gibberish. Harry had spent a week holed up in a room with a TV, was having trouble making sense of himself as a result. A sermon that caught the moment,  his goal. A week of voyeurism, the maddening of the human race, Three/four hour shifts. Who would want to watch TV day and night as if there was nothing else to do except surf for porn. The world population was doing exactly that. Those who had access to TV based their lives on it. He didn’t believe it existed, this surreal world of text remote TV and home. kitchen milk, coffee, sofa, more kitchen, snacks, more drinks, a cigarette, bathroom, pause and hold, can you put it back to the last scene, those look nice, he’d seen them on the other channel too, was there ever a female performer who kept her clothes on. Britney, gaga, sophie, paris, nikole, Lindsay, etc etc, he’d seen them all in various states of undress, we’ve already met, he knew their parts, well. The trouble with TV, it’s everywhere, and it never ceases, like gambling in vegas, 24 hours 365 days of the year, and in spaces you never thought possible. News anchors in tears repeating the news, the latest horror, children make impact, and mess. New news clip, were all happy now, tears dead. More tears tomorrow, you have to watch to find out.
Slapped across the face, beaten to a mental pulp, but do you know what, we can cure your eating habits if you’re overweight. Just can’t make those starving, fat. I’ll never get this written he thought, his mind swollen for the beating it had endured that week. Church power, TV power, business power, who wanted ordinary, only the foolish wanted to be normal, everyone else wanted stardom.We are wishing ourselves out of existence, and we all know it he surmised.
But the week had been good. After receiving a standing ovation at his first literary event he was still under the influence, glow or whatever they called, feeling adored.
Words matter, some more than others, and some more than others depending who says them. His words seemed to hit the spot. Two publishers wanted his work, he was under pressure but enjoying it, pray more often he thought.
Syria was on the telly, Arabs fighting Arabs, the U.N. doing nothing as usual, the Chinese controlling oil. No one will remember the bodies of those children burned and hanged upsides down. Chinese though, they were feeding wars. Running short of water in china too, earthquakes and landslides increasing, No point in upsetting the Chinese, The Arab extremists, couldn’t criticize them either, too much money and too many of them. Lack of water would be there problem, salty water refined wasn’t drinking water but salty water refined and nothing else. The plebs would get the message when it was too late.
A poem for all mankind, good idea he surmised thinking wisely, the horror that was syria would probably be the last testament to the sheer greed and horror or man, better forgotten. Sad that no one cares he thought, the image of the burning children hard to forget. Tomorrow the news would focus on another tragedy. A poem for all mankind ,where do you start.
She goes to school at half past eight, her hopes and dreams in her bag, homework done her parents proud, no longer clothed in rags. Along the way she meets this man, a family guy she thinks, he promised her a ride to school, she gets in he smiles. He asks her if she’d like some treats, he points the other way, she gets all anxious, his fist hits her without delay. For god sakes harry cheer up, some poem for mankind, horror story. Child prostitution on the rise globally, forty five million Americans living in poverty, not everyone lives in Hollywood, is thin, good looking, and has plenty of money. They only make up that stuff to trick you. They don’t want you in America, uneducated, unless your willing to join the army.
A poem for mankind, where do you start. Two hours at the PC, it looked like a joke. Good stories are rare these days, where do you start. Hitler got the art of propaganda off to a T, the world soon followed.

bathing in future dreams…

The peaks of perversion are never going to be reached,don’t worry, children love adventure, your neighbor too,god calls for massage on Friday, the ocean is your onlyescape, women cry rape, men listen,  the aids industrythrives, so does everyone around it, call the dealer, geta packet, and fast, my nose is bleeding, so is my head,so is your heart, everyone is dead, satisfied or do youneed to see a certificate, it’s in the manual sir,blast!.. !.Harry rubbed his forehead, unable to cope
with the rush, his toes tingling, all the way across his
back, over his shoulders, till his head lifted off
almost, my god he thought, shuddering all over. The joint
quickly died. Stubbing it into the desk, he wondered
if he deserved the resurrection of a fresh one or what
was it that was on his mind so recently. The Palestinian
issue had been dealt with, god should have been in
politics, I hate that, god I’m getting old, we’re all
getting old, but harry was getting older quicker he felt,
as he was forgetting things, the bleddy coffee he sighed
..a he screamed exhibiting a roar that would
terrorize a muslim. Yes, a baptism he thought, why not
both he laughed, thinking out loud, I’ll ban religion and
make it even more popular. You can’t have that. He began
to yawn all of a sudden, his mental state crumbling
apart. His eyes were opening closing, fluttering in
disarray. Rest, was the answer, a bath and he could have
it all, yes, warm foamy liquid, he’d relax, sleep
perhaps, no one ever drowned in a bath. Many were killed
in them though. On his feet, he wobbled over to the edge
of the tub, turning on the hot he winched slightly,
plenty of it he thought, adding some cold. It’d take five
minutes to reach drowning point, six inches deep. Damn it
he thought, just when he was getting organized, he’d
forgot the final ingredient to his afternoon caper, a
bath fellow as he called it, a slender joint, well
rolled, not hard, but robust enough to last the course,
yet loose enough to allow plenty of fresh air. If I was
Cuban I’d roll it on the thigh of a virgin and not get
arrested. The makings were on the table. The bedroom
would be warmer. You can do this he fumed, slapping
himself across the face, shit that hurt he thought, sober
a few moments, his mental determination as acute as a
hard on in a nudist colony. Harry was awake mentally.
He slapped himself hard again, it hurt even more, but it
Shook him even more. aharry
Jesus, what’s going, every where he looked, a window was
open. He couldn’t decide, the best place to make the bath
joint. Going into the bedroom, he sat down on the side of
the bed, his head in his arms, head going down and down.
Will I or won’t I he thought, roll that joint.
“jesus christ” he yelled. He raced into the bathroom. His
heart thumping furiously. The bath water was half full,
the ship hadn’t sunk, and there was plenty of hot water
left. Shock woke him further. Five minutes later, he was
all calm again, lying in it, a smoking joint in one
hand,  a glass of water in the other, Balance he thought,
perfect balance, like the perfect woman, just be he
Each sip of water was followed with a suck, till
all there was left was a butt. Flicking it accurately
into the toilet bowl he began to play with himself. His
manhood though, looked a wet shriveled mesh of hair and
flesh, there was no response. He twiddled with the water
instead, palming it playfully over his chest. He then
began immersing his head in and out of the water as
playfully as a dolphin. Fish he sighed, wondering what it
was like to be a fish these days, very disappointing. To
have your home turned into an international sewage
treatment plant, it’s happening locally, smell the air he
thought sucking it in, the open windows allowing for
endless waves of fuel injected air to enter his space,
lovely he thought, the sweet whiff of chemicals blended
with monoxides, good. But did it matter he wondered, the
water silent, harry still. It mattered to the him that
moment, water quality, getting worse everywhere, full of
shit. But they have tablets for that too he yawned. He
sat up all of a sudden, water cascading down his body,
least your not a fish otherwise, otherwise he smiled
thinking quietly, getting serious with himself. As ever
the phone intervened, like it was trying to disturb him.
Damn it, I’ll let it go, they’ll call back, everyone is
lonely, The phone kept on ringing though, annoying him
for a good two minutes. It was time to begin a personal
manicure. Two minutes and six dunks later his hair was
washed, and clean of all traces of sud. His hairdresser
recommended conditioner to him the last time he got his
hair trimmed. Now he had a predicament. Feel like a
woman, the bob Dylan song entered his head all of a
sudden. Not that he felt he needed to feel a woman, he’d
have felt the first one available anyway, but he felt
like a woman all the same.
He didn’t have that album in his collection he recalled,
he’d buy it for himself for christmas he promised once he
sorted out the problem starring him in the face,
shopping, choosing was shopping, if not shocking
sometimes. The array of bottles to the side of the bath,
she couldn’t need them all he thought, maybe she mixes
them he sighed shaking his head at the chemical
concoctions, all in very colorful bottles, herbal, ying
yang, normal, everyday use, coloured, must be for black
people, all conditioners, he read the labels, dry hair,
normal, greasy and super greasy to choose from. She must
have had lots of men friends, all bathers too. He
pondered the choices. Just like a woman, he knew what bob
meant now!.
His hair, obviously wasn’t dry, so that was out. Which
one did lainey recommend, but her hair had been dyed so
often he thought, she was a natural what. For a second
he was normal, just his hair. Squirting a creamy blob
into his hand, he began to massage it into his head.
Telesales agents, should be banned he howled, once he
heard the phone come alive, again. Not now he screamed,
I’m not doing interviews. For a moment he thought it
might be her. It stopped then rang again. Down and up,
his head was immersed in the water for a nanosecond.
Leaving a watery trail in his wake, he reached the phone
just as the caller gave up. They’ll ring back he sighed
with a shrug of the shoulders, always do. Out of the
bath, there was no point getting back in, condition or
not. Drying himself off, that was a bath he thought, as
if he’d never had one before.

“I bet he’s gone for a walk, he walks then writes, it’s
an inspiration thing!” she told herself. She’d have to
surprise him at home instead, they’d given her a raise
plus a promotion, just as harry said they would. She
wanted to thank him. Holding the phone in her hand,
she pondered. Was he worth it she thought, of course she
assured herself, smacking the phone down. Decision made,
she was going home early, to the man waiting for her!.

Dope makes you dopey he thought. Your thinking, so don’t
worry. He wondered if snow white and dopey, of the seven
dwarfs fame ever smoked. No, he Concluded, that was a
fairy tale, make belief. Besides a good looking woman
would have no time for a dude that only reached her
navel, unless he’d lots of money. Seated on the bed,
felt so comfortable too, but he couldn’t sleep, speech
he thought, speech, she likes me reading her stories in
bed and you like it too he thought, meaning himself. But
sleep, five minute power nap that’s all, his eyes
beginning to dictate to him, five minutes that’s all,
five harry, remember. Crumpling down on the bunch of
pillows, he hooked the loose covers over himself,
five minutes he promised. Should have done this sooner he
sighed, grabbing the duvet tight around him, five minutes
five minutes, have to write it, have to write he thought.
Fully asleep he was free to roam around his dreams
uncontested or disturbed. Grabbing and groping with
thoughts and revelations of every sort, he wandered and
wandered. Perhaps he was always on the verge of a nervous
breakdown. In the asylum, they’d consider that normal. He
shook in the bed, delving, going in and out of scene
after scene, seeking answers to issues that disturbed him
when awake. Millions of darkened bellies, all empty,
what an advertising nightmare for a food company, lots of
hungry people with no money to spend. Food parcels, He
smiled to himself, going further into his dream, they
were all alive, they were just dieting. They could always
ring the yellow pages and get a pizza home delivery. He
wondered if DHL delivered food apart from computer parts.
He muttered words, twisted in the bed. A towel that was
wrapped around his damp head, was now strewn on the
ground. Evil, must first get to know it intimately, he
smiled, smiled big. A Jesus truck had arrived with a
bread van inside it, did the feed the world trick,
without the need for personal appearance money.
Harry laughed, every story had to have a happy
ending. As for Noah, he was really a math professor who
couldn’t count beyond two. Harry laughed again, turning
in the bed as he did, still in a state.

She hit him full blast across the face, shattering the
glass dream he was in. He opened one eye, then the other.
The side of his face hurt, why so, he wasn’t sure. She
came into focus, the angry expression on her face was all
he saw. What time was it he thought, acting and looking
“you’ve been at it, you, jesus, can I ever trust
you!”. She wore a heavy scowl too.
Harry rubbed his face very firmly, from the forehead
down, feeling with his fingers, the crevices and sockets,
it was still there.
“jesus I’m alive, you wouldn’t believe what happened me”.
She lit a cigarette and sat down beside him, rubbing his
cheek with her free hand.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you!” she sighed.
“thanks!” he replied sitting up, sober with shock.
“twisting and turning, I thought you were on LSD
or something, what are you like, and no speech either
I suppose!”.
She passed him her cigarette, he tried his best to
explain. I was just bathing in future dreams he sighed.

Media Frenzy

Media frenzy the knives are out, children starve to death saints cry out, how much is it worth a judge remarks, what should I do God asks, media snarl juice details spill everywhere, when will you answer the righteous call, 200,000 judge says childhood lost, devil wins when souls become ghosts, media move like cattle to the next spring, there is more than one it is a ring, god lifts his head it’s doing him in, media scrum for rights from next of kin, God opens the books the living and the dead, no media entries at all therein.It’s your right shouts the crowd, God looks across then looks down, what are they doing this zealot lot, they encourage abortion this un human  long, and you think this is going to go on for ever. How would you feel with a flea in your ear, he’s merciful cries the priests, what have they been reading their minds or their hearts, crowd gather momentum the cries intensify, they have a good legal team devils in disguise, St.Peter shakes his head the master is tired, the last time he saw it a nation expired, it’s your right termination is what it’s all aboutYoung pregnant girl passes the crowd, no one notices only the lord, baby inside hears the hatred been spun out, kicks his little leg her stomach pouts, lonely and poor she heads for the shelter, inside they advice her why not abort they tell her, it’s your right they advise with a relentless call, baby goes quite they are demons he’s small, she sees a face just a pair of eyes, kindness and light she begins to go towards, it’s his right speaks the angel pointing down, her tummy jumps inside baby smiles,  he ushers her away from this anarchic setUgly rich and those of twisted fate, their faces hard their love a reject, they continue to call for the right to abort, baby is born there’s a smile on his face, why not compromise the crowd call out, baby a year older sun shines bright, your winning winks peter see’s the tear in his eye, the baby brought a lasting joy to the eye of the lord, sixteen weeks then why not that, lord shakes his head will they ever give it up, baby makes three can read and write, he’s in the school choir he sings all night, it’s a mothers right screams the crowd all right
Termination determination if that is their situation then I will gladly terminate then, not their children but those crying out for termination, they are given a gift as if its their right, they rear children sexually and think it’s all right, enough he says about to press the button, mr baby goes to high school he’s a leader all ready, and they wanted to abort this little man, well let me tell you about it and beware cause your gone, I’ve had too much of this wanton decay, all you who call termination soon will be your day, and then I’ll hear your call and your right of way. amen

Hollywood Harvest…..

You sexualise and enslave the very ones that try to love me, and now you ask for help if it’s all i taught you, you steal all and whatever you can using all that legal jargon, while millions starve to death what am i supposed to do for you
one day it’s fashion and how well your butt looks in that strip of thing, you twirl around like faries hoping others won’t ingore you, this all goes on while men roam the earth seeking for self pleasure, sometimes looking for a child to ruin or something not far off either
a laugh a pint an atomic bomb doesn’t sound too bad at all, so long as that damn old bomb just falls on them old arabs, so you plot and make up lies while trying to fool the working classes, all you really want to do is to hang on to all that wealth and those young fine asses
one day soon the sun won’t shine day will be just like the night, you’ll all sit down saying prayers profound while wondering about what might, but let me make it sure for all who hear near and far, those marked with the sign of rightessness have nothing to fear at all
i’ve seen the golden city above in the clouds and the many wonders that remain therein, it’s a world of love and calm with no extra’s just throw in, a place so fine and bright where only the stars will shine, not like the hollywood harvest where the stars won’t shine at all…amen

One heaven…

This is an opinion about [Under The Same Sky]
many religions one destination, a cue longer than your life, all waiting to gain entry, it’s a bit like finding a friend, you have many but few you can trust, days grow heart ponders, all sorts tempt your imagination, phone rings your heart jumps, is it he, is it the one, and so we spend our lives searching, for the completion of the heart song, we pray we ask we promise anything, days escape us, some of us build safe refuge’s, some of us wing it, but underneath all and above us all, live the twin worlds, one going up, one going down, and in a world as short as this one is, it’s good to do your research while your healthy and willing, rather than when your willing and weak, so cheer up, put on leonard, neil, bob, and you’ll soon find out, that while they offer us happiness therapy, they all believe in one destination..amen

God loves stories…

This is an opinion about [“God made Man because He loves stories”]
it started over a game of poker, high stakes gambling, the pot consisted of all the souls living and those yet to be born, God sipped an old wine, the devil gargled with whiskey, the game has been going on for years, and many times there are tears. as good influence reigned God won the most hands, game tilted, deviousness played her hand, dark overcomes the light, there is trouble at hand, all of mankind are in the devil’s sight. oops, God lost an all in hand, he’d one last game to play, just one pure heart to put out the fire that was overtaking the earth. devil smiled, he’d friends everywhere, still has, one soul he thought working out the play, haven’t seen one of those for thousands of years, no good example to follow that’s for sure, so he said with a grin on his face, “so this is the game one soul for control of the earth, i’ll play” he smiled, and meanwhile he sent out this warning, you’ll burn all of you if it ever gets through one soul of good and purity, his followers got the message terrified cause of all their sin, they redoubled their efforts to rub out the best mankind could over as ransom. Relieved, God had a secret plan, the one you use sparingly, the friend you always have, Miss love miss love, keep an eye on the young, before they all become also rans, great to be addicted to love, hooks everyone, and Miss love was addicted to love, and it’s nothing you can cure.
terror, horror, self immolation, child sexualization, world in chaos, game over, time is running out, God is shaken, where is the one. he points his finger to the heavens, i’m waiting he pleaded, this, his father answered him, “nothing is stronger than love, and faith in me is stronger than love, so love and have faith and it’ll all work out”. the child appeared, no one cared it seemed, but his prayer was strong and robust, and just as his life was in danger and love had run out, he sends an angel along, and the fire of love begins to burn faster… be continued