Farmed Children For Sale

This is an opinion about [We need to support the Next Generation’s interests:]
there is an old story about a farmer, who used to sow corn in the same field, after so many years the corn didn’t produce as much, so he learned, and started mixing the seed, and soon was back reaping rich harvests. In society, everywhere, if you mention Doctor to be, we count dollars and good life down the road, we don’t measure the value to society, that thinking has all but disappeared.
With children, the first thing that comes to mind, that is if your planning on having any, is environment, what will their chances be. No mention of the future for all children, my child is more important than yours, emotionally it is, but in real life terms, the safer the society, the better life is for all, and i dont mean having a gun under the bed, that is called fear. In a nutshell, we need to allow children time, and not drive them, it’s the best reason why education should be taken out of the hands of profiteers and put into the hands of those that actually care about them. Is that not the answer to most problems, people who care.

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