Nothing Personal

we’ve all seen the movie, guy pleads for his life, then is shot, shooter says, it’s nothing personal, like the early nineties and the now depressed 2013, in that space, nothing seemed personal, it was a buzzing world, high finance expanding, brokers in london boasting, viagra and a sleuth of other drugs pushing the action, cocaine available and affordable everywhere, while newspaper tycoons pumped stories, competition international, royal bank of this village taking over royal bank of the next village, nothing personal, but the winning teams cheering all the way, the nation as well, as news story channels push the deal into the TV space, and it’s all paid for by the many pension funds we all hold, nothing personal, child story of success ghetto kid becomes president, movie channels wait in the background to make the movie, image perfected speechwriter joined to the hip, young twenty year old gets life, shoots the grocery store owner, no basic education at all without a father or work, goes on every day and everywhere, nothing personal, what if it’s nothing personal, this disregard for those of us who remain silent, but isn’t that what they did when the martyrs of old all moved on, so stories became fact based on books that were written, not by God or his close relations, but by good intending and loving men of all races all divinely inspired then, now they encourage war these so called fund managers international, anything to stop us thinking or creating space where it matters inside, cause once the brain is engaged with a certain interest, nothing seems to get in there after all, and if you suggest this is odd, well look at all the celebrity interference in the atmosphere, nothing personal, they create them and push them, image, it’s nothing personal

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