when the truth becomes a stranger

Truth is rarely spoken, we direct ourselves, where will it lead us, the truth that is never spoken, kept hidden from people, who then is leading us, and most importantly, what are the consequences. I just want to get on with life and raise the kids, what do you expect from me, I’m only one soul, I’ve a job a mortgage to pay, kids to feed, what’ll I do if I get sick, what happens then, be real, okay, I’m listening. Voices in our heads, the stuff we dump, park it they say, hoping never to go there again, we’ve all had this conversation, don’t carry baggage, imagine the reception, you’ll get for doing nothing, if ever you arrive at the pearly gates, and your told, all you had to do was have faith and I’d deliver, even more reliable than McDonnell’s, so, you may not be able to speak the truth, but you can always write it, am I write or am I write. Sounds like a line you’d hear in a movie, but what do you think a great director does, and what was Jesus, a great director with no insurance plan and certain faith in the outcome to his deeds. So, we can all speak up, that’s why we have the web, the final frontier, your record of use, good or bad, indifferent, boring, titillating, or totally sexual, a record you erase possibly, but not the marks you make, in your own heart and on the heart of others, have I got your attention, I don’t write to amuse, I write to inform, a good a reason as any I suppose.
Is not every story a plea of some kind. Well, 99% of the world stood down when the alarm went off, like it has for years, the stories of doom, the outpouring of tears, sandy hook just one example, of a world that does little to change what it can, and the reason I write like I do, apart from having a little wisdom, it’s because I get constant reminders of the warnings given, and the inaction of the human race. What made this all the more clearer, was an oldish movie i was watching of late, “runaway jury”, and how what was warned about, has happened again and again. it reminds me of ancient times, the barbarians we all used to be, armies taking over other countries, and the spoils of victory, the destruction of culture and the slaughter of women children and men, the bountiful riches divided among the victors then, and how history was written by those who succeeded, and i look at the life all around me, the wars that have been fought, the children whose lives were destroyed, the hatred that was sown everywhere, and where has it been written i ask, why is the truth so uncomfortable for you and me…have a JD and stop talking, have another, a little Valium, free holidays in Cancun, oh just stop talking…..here’s your share of the goodies..man is that all there is…

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