those doing the least amount of work, pushing money buttons, moving x to y and y to z and back over the world, and back again, minding and caressing your money, soothingly managing your money, locking it up, keeping it safe, reassuring you, writing to you, informing you, all is well, smile, your doing all the work, they are making all the money, the people who do least earn the most, and it’s all made possible by you, i think it’s time you changed, well, when those who do all the work, listen to those who do the least amount of work, for advice about what to do about work, and the same folks who do the least amount of work impose their will on the government you elect, in order to steal the money you work for, illegally or legally, it’s still the same thing, theft, and cause it’s been like this for years, and cause we all know someone in a worse situation that your own, you tend to accept your plight, as you surmise that you have no choice but to agree to whatever the people who do the least amount of work say, thereby making yourself a parrot, and so i say again, if one per cent of the worlds population control the wealth of the world, it’s time to sack those in charge, cause unless you do, those who do the least amount of work will continue to earn the most, and those who do the most work will keep working at being slaves, and as we all know about change, those in comfy situations no matter how good they may sound from time to time, are never going to make the changes that matter, cause they will be looking after their own comfy situation first, well….

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