God in a nutshell..

a bottle of fine wine, accidental, a masterpiece in a french gallery, priceless, the billion dollar baby, you, the seed that turned into an oak, the list is endless..
It’s the billion dollar question, God, how do we make him smile, laugh, proud of us, and what part we play in the game of life, how will we be judged, what are our chances of making it to heaven, is there any point trying, if these are topics of interest to you, I suppose they are, then it might be just a question of believing in what is divine and acting in that fashion, too simple I expect, but what is water, a very simple yet essential source for life. I’ve been on this path sometime, aware of divine intervention, and what divine intervention actually means. Put simply, it’s the chance to do it again, but better this time around, as many who have been saved from deathly situations can attest too. When it comes to faith in the divine, we all tend to be shy, or no one likes to be reminded about all the things they do wrong, and like all thieves, no one of them likes getting caught out publically, private will do fine, least our friends won’t find out, and besides, they probably have much worse stuff on their plate, they know this privately themselves, and like ourselves, who needs to be reminded. But in terms of God, the desire and application of what is right, thinking about it never delivers, might pass a few years as they say, but God is into those that do what is called of them, not what we do for ourselves. You can’t be Christian and into yourself all the time, that’s one of our great concoctions, and it’s what most of the media and consumer led corporations want you to do, think of yourself. So assume you have parked your ego, you can’t go out looking like that monica, what will the neighbors think, get over the ego bit, and your left to you, alone, just you, no one else, you, that’s me, I’m talking to you, once your left to being you, and no one else, no camouflage, large house, good job, fat bank account, hey I worked for that, so do the one dollar a day employees of most large western based corporations with operations in Vietnam, Cambodia, china, they earn a little more in china, they also work hard for their little bit, so really you don’t work that hard, what about the kids, if they are healthy just be glad, I can hear the complaints already, tell me something new, if you feel so strongly about it write it down, anyway, you parked the ego, it’s in a safe place, only you can rouse it, it ain’t going away, but once you put yourself last in matters occasionally, not out of duty because you have kids, that’s not putting yourself last, that’s called doing what your supposed to do when you have children to care for, okay, I’ll nominate you for the nobel peace prize for children, now you feel better, but in your neighborhood there is a need, and your not rich, you can’t write a cheque and get back on the yacht, your not a politician and seeking brownie points, your just the ordinary kind and decent person who helps when you can, you’re the teacher who stays behind occasionally to help that slow learner, you’re the dude who visits the elderly man who lives alone, you, by good example encourage others to do more good, you’re the parent who brings the kids to church, even if your not sure yourself, because you know it’ll do them good, these are God’s kind of people, ordinary. And the great thing about being ordinary, is that when you do something extra ordinary, the whole world will find out about it, and will get better as a result. I’m a very simple man, but I have great respect for all those men and women, of all denominations, who put their love on their sleeve, and just do it because it is the right thing to do. The mother who raises her kids alone and gets it done, the nurse who works for peanuts compared to those who work in financial services, because she lives to care, the doctors who continue to educate and educate in order to provide a better service, the fathers who make time to make sure their children feel like the most important children on the planet, all the people who do what they do out of love and nothing else, these are God’s own. Like I said a few lines ago, I had the luck of the divine, and what started as the worst few hours of my life, turned out to be the most valuable lesson I ever learned, God is real, and God has plans for us all. Briefly, we were all created by love to love and to encourage love, and love in this context, is not the pleasure we can sometimes enjoy, but the hope we raise in other hearts by our own actions and good deeds. My mother taught me some of this, those who went before me reminded me of this, before the divine got seriously interested in me, and made my mind up for me on this, it wasn’t a sudden flame moment, or an awakening as they say, it was a conscious desire to know more that lead me to this moment along with spiritual guidance. But this I know without doubt, we are all of the son, the sun, that thing that rests in the sky and provides us with heat and light, without we are dead, too much and we are toast, and like all things that exist, they just didn’t appear, wisdom got to work and she filled in the gaps. Ask yourself the following, why do stars shine, cause they ..stand out. But one of the great tragedies of this world, is that we don’t fully understand our own potential, what we can actually do. To fill you in on one thing, beware of this, good thoughts bounce out of good hearts, bad thoughts ooze out of bad minds, and thoughts good and bad can be read by the many angels, good and bad that orbit our space, both at work and at home, and because the evil ones, the masters and mistresses of this world, those who proffer pleasure before justice, consumption before thoughtfulness, greed over concern, because these folks do not want heaven and earth to unite, as one, as hoped by God many thousands of years ago, as once heaven and earth unite, there’ll be major changes for all those who have been loving, and bad outcomes for those who promote evil ways, roman empire, Egypt, etc, all those empires of old have gone, in ruins, those who actually support the evil menace and their supporters will continue to try to interfere in all that is good, that has been the way for many generations, but I’m glad to say, that God has got the upper hand, after quite a struggle, a struggle that is made easier the more we do it his way, and that is my opinion of God in a nutshell, I’m just a plain old Christian of catholic descent by the way…but I’ve seen the light, and when it comes to prayer, don’t think any old prayer will do, if your actions don’t add up don’t expect results, and if you truly believe, be patient, God has been let down by most of us, and isn’t easily fooled, he’s well used to those of us who are political as they say, mighty in words but poor in deeds, hope it helps you on your journey. but the best part of having a real good father, is this, all fathers want the best for their children, and every child is his favorite, and like all loving fathers, forgiveness is easy, it’s just that he dont like us messing up all the time or keeping bad company, can it get any simpler i ask…

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