This is an opinion about [Life-changing Alzheimer’s Love Story:
life begins, a love is born, a relationship develops, and like children we are smitten with each other, it’s just that we have to grow wiser, and learn as we grow in love, which a new born child does for us, reminds us of our own frailties and dependency on others, yes, that new born child is one of us, and like children we remain or that was the plan, instead we became a lessor form of child, greed lust pride etc etc…half the worlds children live in poverty, it’s something we often forget, celebrity is deemed more important than reason, we allow ourselves to be manipulated, everyone is doing it so why not me, standards have crashed, and we are still children, we just pretend not to know, it’s why we end life as children, it’s the way we are and have always been, children, and blessed are the children as they say…

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