This is an opinion about Thank You!:
it’s simple to do, and it doesn’t cost you anything, but i used to curse a bit. just to emphasize a statement usually, enforce what i wanted to say, and one day i was in the kitchen with some young relatives, and was in the middle of a good old rant, then their mother appeared and while she didn’t hear the context of my argument, she gave out to be for my language which was colourful to say the least, and while i was a bit annoyed at the time, later on my own, i listened to what she was saying, she didn’t want to encourage her kids to use bad lingo, even if i was helping them in a roundabout way at the time, but in a nutshell, if we want to make good what was bad, we all have to promote and encourage what we want to see occur, and i guess it’s why we encourage children to be good while they are young, before they pick up less inspiring habits later…alabamba

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