Ideas for a better world not a battered world…

you want improve things, really he said. God listened to the prayer list, hoping for the return of wisdom, she’d sent a lot down, got a very poor return, was thinking of divesting her shareholding, all of it. one more day she thought, she gave them another chance, is there anyone out there capable of being honest and trustworthy. another glass of wine, the day opens, it’s raining again, she’s about to pull the blinds down for the final time..the computer goes bell bell, it’s twelve again, she clicks and waits, will she answer…that’s a good idea, simple too. you want to change the prospects of women everywhere. women carry the seed of love longer, they nourish for eternity, and they can’t say goodbye to love, what was i doing she asked, putting men in charge, just thinking the way things were. in the olden days, it took weeks, even years to travel and enlighten, today you can do it instantly, like a plastic surgeon. she chuckled to herself, what was i thinking, she pressed the reply button, women in charge again, just like it was in the beginning, and that’s as good as it gets, amen…

guns for america

gun law relates to the slave trade and the protection of the slave owner, check it out, it was not a law to bear arms because of normal fears, as is the case now. sadly, big business lobbies night and day to push fear on people. 300 million guns in the hands of the american public is not wisdom or anything near that, it’s the polar opposite no matter how much we like guns. if you think about it wisely, those that live in the countryside are the only folks that ought to carry or have access to guns apart from the police force. we in ireland have a police force that survived well and still survives well without even carrying guns, the only impulse murders we have, are between drug gangs, apart from that we are gun safe. so do you want to encourage gun ownership or wise counsel, or do we just go along with arguments to justify what in reality is nothing more than business for an industry that lobbies to encourage wars, the world over..amen

A little love goes a long way…

guess what, don’t we love children, but wait till the world of the consumer tries to get their hands on his young mind, and i’m not being over the top here. i’ve watched us oogle the children of this world, admire them, smile at them, build kingdoms for them, and while it’s great as you say, lets hope the world will become a little less confusing as he grows up, by that i mean, less sexualisation, less fear, and more time to grow up with wisdom in his life.
children make the world smile, and as i’m the biggest child i know, i wish there was more time to have fun, as you and your lucky son now enjoy, treasure the memories, and always remember, as you get older, the only people you truly remember, are those that give you the time. money is quickly forgotten, and children who grow up, just want to feel wanted, and that’s all..aint he a lucky kid to have a mom who cares that little bit more..

Where have all the angels gone and wisdom with it!

To be honest today, is considered radical, sounds alarming, to be manipulative is considered normal, to be sexual is regular, to be conservative old fashioned, to be caring heroic almost, and if you have any sense at all, you are expected to take advantage of the world, use it to end, so why is this, acting. We are all actors in a game, directed by good and bad, the bad being the evil menace, the good being the shining knight, and as we come under the influence of both, we decide which route to take. The theatre goers of old, I’m referring to the coliseum in rome, not downtown broadway, cheered the ups and downs of the fate of those fed to the animals, cheering the emperor on as life deciding decisions were made, little has changed in over 2,000 years, and you know what happened to rome, it ended in tears for all, and a permanent hell for most. Society today
Has the same choice to make, to do good or bad, and the time now, is more critical than people want to believe. Those living the pleasure driven life want us all to join in, to party to the end, same way the old cocaine world invited everyone of substance to get involved, you were not with it unless you did it, ask some former presidents, stock brokers, movers and shakers, just about everyone under fifty with money and moving fast in Hollywood. Those involved in these matters have left so many memories of themselves on camera, left in the hands of potential blackmailers, in all sorts of sticky situations, children teens etc etc..they were so out of it they don’t even know yet what to expect, but the foundations they walk on, are not secure, making all who come under their influence vulnerable for all time, this sounds confusing, you are supposed to read between the lines, I don’t mean lines of coke, but I know there are some who will choke with humour as they do, read between the lines. Evil doesn’t get it’s name because of a few late nights, an extra marital affair, a liason dangerous or an unusual sexual practice, evil gets it’s name from the manipulation of others, namely you me your neighbor next door, it’s why I stated in the beginning, that being honest is considered radical, so is telling the truth. And how odd can you be, if telling the truth is considered radical. When jesus entered his life’s work all those years ago, all he was doing was telling the truth, and the more he exposed what was going on, the more they ganged up on him, all of them bar a few followers. Today we enjoy his sacrifice, it’s an example of a life well lived. But here is the kicker as they say. Much was made of his, lord Jesus’ association with tax collectors, roman soldiers, prostitutes, fallen women, and the sick and poor of society, and his first disciples, the fishermen. Many argued this and that, that he choose simple men to give his message to, because only the simple minded would listen etc etc…in all honesty, the reason Jesus choose the people he did, was simply this, and it mirrors society today, in every culture too. Honesty was valued more highly than anything else. And what do we lack most in society today, it’s honesty. I don’t mean stealing, that;s just a little theft, I don’t mean sex, that’s just lust, I don’t mean greed, that’s just greed, honesty is the condition of the person, and as we are reared well, we pass it on, the way I was reared, and how others were too. Instead, we live in a world that admires, deceit, deception, corruption, excess, overt sexuality, and idolatry, and you know what happened to that world in rome, all those years ago, and all the other empires that came after it. They are all gone. So what makes us think we are so different. I’ve seen the sky, the signs, the dreams, and let me tell you, as I don’t lie that much, we need to rethink our world with dramatic affect. No wall high enough will save you from the wrath of the creator, so it’s make your mind up time. Amen.

Talking about dying…

dying, your sister is dying and she does not want to accept that she is dying, she’s right, and i’ll tell you why, the heavens and the earth are mirrors, we reflect light, i mean we actually reflect light, it’s why someone people have the gift of charisma, how often have you seen a person light up a room as they say, if you believe in the eternal, and let me tell you the eternal is very real, making our journey in the current life seem like a short hop, but if you believe in the eternal, fear of death is not something that will trouble you, and when friends and family want to discuss your death with you, they are really just trying to do what they deem to be right, not that the person dying needs to be told anything actually, but let me surprise you, i’ve had a few pals who came close to the end, and i told them all that if they wished to continue in this world, you’d better come up with a great storyline, cause God listens to the heart and nothing else. i’ve seen the golden city, you can tell her this, i’ve seen the stars come out, i’ve seen the signs in the sky, i read warnings in the news, God is not your imaginary friend, it gets even better but it’d take years to go on and on. but i’m not spouting empty words here, the one thing your sister wants to take with her to the next life is love, pure and simple. your grieving before she dies, your guilt for being lucky, is nothing to what you will encounter yourself when you are there and all your pals gather round to wish you goodbye, as the only thing that will come to mind is simply this; did you do enough to encourage love or were you selfish life so many are, everywhere. Tell her to listen to REM and neil young, a little leonard cohen, or better still, buy her the music and send it to her,amen..

working for godot…

many years ago, i died almost, and like many of the edge, i made promises i had to keep to the almighty, didn’t tell a soul, for fear they’d think i was out of my head. i made the decision, and kept it to myself, was no great scholar or anything, just lucky as you say. i took the job as was his plan, and met a girl as you would say, she told me there was no future in computing, i tried to push internet, that’s when i became an emagineer, not a wealth creator but a love creator, the type that endure and have reputation, set up a club to check human potential, sowed the seeds of love, they all thought it was a den of debauchery, it was the total opposite, how looks can be deceiving, worked the web, saw the opps as clear as daylight, and roved on, met another woman while under intense heart pain, thought that she was sent to help me, was completely deceived, but recovered, kept on regardless. sold all my worldly possessions, let people steal from me, they wore my clothes so what, gave shelter to the homeless, did the 360 degree thing, and almost lost it all…asked god would he look after me, he told me not to worry, met a stream of good people, some of them angels, some of them very bad indeed, kept up the fight, saw the end of the evil domain clearly, and the collapse of the world as well, did as much as i could to encourage good people to join the internet, it’s the place for artists, warned them about porno as well, and held my cool. the people who did the most damage to me along the way, were the self righteous zealots, my own and the distinguished, so beware of who comes along when you pray. the evil minded can read the mind as well as the lord can hear our prayers, but i’ve seen the impossible and it’s in the clouds night and day, and what i discovered in all of this journey i’m on is this.
God, the heavens, the stars, whatever is good is only interested in the light we create, pure basic love, nothing else, not your religion, just what the love in you creates, and prayers should not just be copybook but heartfelt. if you deliver, he’ll deliver, and like all good fathers, does only what is right…and not what you think is right… don’t ask for revenge, but that which creates love, you’ll be nicely surprised..there is no politics in heaven, and the mountain that you set out to climb, is a journey you can take alone, in a small group, or as part of a large group, or a bit of all three..just make sure your fellow companions are there for you. its why choosing the right person to marry is the decision that will change your life, and it’s why those that attack love and marriage, are the greatest threat to life on the planet…amen

being a survivor..

mankind has not distinguished itself, and neither have the churches, but we have to try to understand and i don’t mean forget, how it got to such a place. half the world goes hungry while the other half grows fat, half the world chases money the rest are trying to catch up, slavery was a cheap way to plow the fields of america, plantations were a cheap way of controlling the native Irish, it’s cheaper to use slave labour in asia to make you Nike’s than european labour today, same with the iPad, so much for mankind, and a woman can be bought for a few dollars in Vietnam, while one child in five is sexually abused today, and do you notice how they try to use the conviction of one person to make us feel good, while hiding the facts that women can be bought within a mile of any parliament building standing in the world today, so use your experience well and keep your eyes wide open, and remember stanley kubrick, the director, and in particular his last movie, eyes wide shut, another warning to us all….you can buy her off, she’s a little sister, can you hear the threats, so much for mankind, the good news is this, heaven is real, god is real, and so is hell, those going to hell just want us all to go there with them…the world is full of chancers..

Was It Worth It, a.k.a. Martin Luther King Matters…

Feel good stories nice memories sleep easy and dream, close your eyes pretend, no obscene people no dead ends, read the sweetest works, prepare for a life that will never end, continue this way till the very end, party to party seek pleasure when you can, were all doing this it’s just the way we are, together we are stronger I hear them say, while the churches are empty what else do you expect them to say, the Ferrari looks nice even if we can’t drive it right, no place to test those aluminum brakes, my breasts are too small I’ll have a job done, it’s my constitutional right i’ll carry a gun, the house is a squeeze I’ll buy up while credit is free, my nose is out of joint while my cocaine bill mounts, children mingle with strangers in the online world, too bad they’re not old enough just think of the fun, bank credit card debt no worries another one I’ll get, the excuses mount while my savings run out, stripping is now an easy option, one babe looks the same the men sound the same, preacher warns of hell and the abyss for the forlorn, it doesn’t apply to me I’ve an education to work on, porno is so mainstream it’s regularly on TV, my dad watches nightly then comes to visit me, and Jesus, whose he, he doesn’t like to see us when we like to party, oh grow up, take your shorts down and join us in the Jacuzzi, our stocks are on the rise we can afford another loan, I don’t feel so good well take another tablet and see, they are free with our medical plan like liposuction, why don’t we get a Mexican maid like they have on TV, emigrant status is really a must, before you join us you’ll have to fight for us, the world is well and truly mucked, putting in mildly, not bad for a nation that wiped out the culture of the native American people, while replacing them with slave labor first, then European slavery, followed by Asian slavery after that, and guess whose next, that’s right, you, I’d do something about that if I were you, and they did all in the name of a dream, just like martin Luther king, it’s amazing what you can sell to the blind and deaf, everything, was his efforts on behalf of all men worth it, you bet it was…


Why is it considered radical to tell the truth these days, great way to teach children, why you may ask, whoever tells the truth any given day ends up, usually in trouble, the list is endless, and why is wisdom so misunderstood, cause we are used to lying and faking it, it’s the emperors clothes syndrome all over again, and it’s been going on for so long, that the heavens are quaking under pressure. I have fought the extremists who are not extremists, in a way only God could understand, i’ve seen the stars move, and like they say, heed the stars, just make sure they are the reel ones, and not those that chase your money for a living…

Do You Like Children..well read them a story!


Barney crow was hungry, the weather was dry, ground hard. it was also very windy, there was no point digging under these conditions. Worms would be too deep. He remained in his nest, thinking Road kill, didn’t like the idea of it, but his father told him that it was all right to think like a lawyer, just not all the time. Paranoia can become you. In his nest, he waited for his mother to return from the mornings visit to delaney’s yard. She’d have a piece of brown bread for him. Mrs Delaney was a friend to the local crow population. Whenever the weather was at the extremes, hot or cold, she always left out food. Mrs delaney’s yard was also an opportunity for all the crows in the neighbourhood to get together, spill the beans on what was going on.

“I don’t know what to do with barney” squawked Rita crow, hopping around on delaney’s tarmac drive, helen crow, a cousin of hers hopped after her.
Jimmy crow was on sentry duty this morning. Perched on a tree overlooking Delaney’s yard, it was his job to observe the surroundings, a cat smooching around waiting to pounce, or worse, an eagle crow, the type of crow that all good living crows hate, a crow cannibal. Jimmy kept his eyes peeled, another simple morning, nothing out of place, the cat asleep on a window still, fine so long as she stays there.

“barney is old enough for sentry duty, he needs a job” squawked Helen crow,
“jimmy’s been doing that for years” answered rita
“he’s getting old, didn’t he miss the cat last week” squawked Helen
“the one that got old Charlie”
“poor Charlie” squawked rita jumping up and down on the spot enforcing the point.
“all feathers and bone, at least he died suddenly” answered Helen.
“how do you know that”
“the shock” answered Helen with a degree of certainty, “shock, it’s worse than stress” she added, continuing to pick some loose crumbs, the big bits gone.
“don’t bring him home anything this morning, just don’t” insisted Helen, picking away.
Rita gobbled the piece of fresh brown bread she’d saved for her only son, barney.
“see you tomorrow” she squawked, flapping her wings, moving slowly then all of a sudden airborne.
“thanks jimmy” she said, passing his tree. Jimmy squawked back, shaking a wing at her.
I’ll take my time, I wont go home straight she told herself. She flew high into the air, above her normal flying height. The gusts were exhilarating, sending her higher. She swooned with delight, she hadn’t done that in a while. High above her, Jeremy hawk was out looking for breakfast. He didn’t like bread crumbs or worms, preferred red meat.
He’d spent the early morning sharpening his claws the way a professional golfer cleans his golf clubs. Always ready, immaculately preened, his golden feathers shone like gold. The only good crow is a dead one he’d say. He waited to identify a lone crow flying, they usually fly in pairs or in great bunches, making it impossible to catch one, for as sure as you go after one of them, the others come after you, and it isn’t easy flying with a bird between your claws and a hundred other ones on your tail, not easy I tell you. Rita flew higher, a gust of wind lifting her at least a hundred feet. Normally she’d be more cautious, and stay within range of home or her friends. This morning she’d a lot on her mind, her troubled son, lazy crow barney. Jimmy’s work was done. Delaneys white speckled tarmac was now jet black, every crumb used up. He could go home now. Checking his feathers, he shook them a few times, then gently dived into the wind. Road kill would have to be breakfast. Road kill being the latest victim of a road traffic accident. She liked badger, his missus, he preferred rabbit though. Between moneygall and roscrea, there were two long stretches of road, making it safe to linger over a dead carcass while you choose the tasty bits. No right thinking crow ate the guts of any animal, just the red meat, the bit full of protein. Sweep high over crow lane, a high density population of crows, he swung left and headed out the moneygall road, his beady eyes trained to the road and hopefully some red furry bits. About one hundred feet over the road, he flew along, wings outstretched, hardly moving, a wind behind him. That looked interesting he thought, dipping his wings to take a closer look. Didn’t like cat, he flew on. He cheered inside, one less enemy to think about. Up ahead he saw two pals of his, in the middle of the road. She’s nice he thought, she being a neice of rita crow, a year younger than himself. If the missus ever gets taken early I’d try her he thought as he came into land.
Jenny crow went pink when she saw him. Her beak bloodied, she squawked him over.
“there’s plenty here” she said invitingly.
“there’s a Toyota truck coming” squawked Anthony, from the side of the road. Jenny and jimmy hopped over to the side of the road and waited.
“that’s good luck” squawked jimmy as the truck ran over the dead fox’s head, squishing it into the road hard.
“what’s good about that” asked jenny trying to make small talk.
Jimmy shook his head, then began to smile. She’s not experienced at all he surmised.
“what happens when the bits get stuck into the road” he asked.
Anthony and jenny shook their heads.

This is too easy he thought, too easy indeed, an insult to a hawk like me he sighed. Jeremy prepared his dive, one swoop and I’ll have her, his plan of attack. A bit of a speed junkie, he’d risen five hundred feet above rita crow, down he went as fast as a torpedo. Squawk squawk squawk, crowed a small gathering of crows as rita flew over them. They all began to dive suddenly. You’d think they’d seen a ghost she smiled as she began a roll. Squawk squawk, she moved left, as Jeremy came in for the kill, missing him, his claws tearing the edges of her feathered wing. She dropped a hundred feet in shock. Jeremy was below her, on the rise again. Trees trees, she needed to find a safe house. Your mine, your mine you lucky bird howled Jeremy, furious with himself for missing the easy kill. Rita knew she’d escaped the first hit, her feathers ruffled, nothing serious. Jeremy waved as rita dived past him, and headed straight for a tall tree. With speed behind her, he’d never catch her, not today.

Anthony jenny and jimmy sat at a tree, and waited. A hundred feet from the site of the dead road kill fox, they waited.
“is this necessary” asked Anthony, anxious to get home and report in.
“wait” squawked jimmy.
Jenny preened herself, dusting her feathers, cleaning red specks off her beak. Anthony gave her the dirtiest of looks. She’s only doing it for your man.

Rita crow made it back to her nest on crow lane, a longish lane of trees, of varying height, all crow high rises. Rita lived in the last high rise. Flustered and sweaty, she was relieved to be home and in one piece apart from a feather missing on her left wing. Landing beside her nest, barney crow sat up.
“ma are you all right” he asked, seeing her a little dazed.
“ma are you all right, your only interested in food, he almost got me” she squawked.
“who” asked barney.

Jimmy smiled. A magpie had arrived at the scene of the road kill. He nudged jenny softly and said.
“he’s deaf, he wont hear the next truck coming until it’s too late”.
The three of them watched as felim magpie dug his beak into the road, chipping away at the fox head that was totally squished into the road.
“they’re greedy feckers” smiled jimmy noticing a truck in the distance.
“I’m going home” announced Anthony impatiently.
“wait” howled jimmy.

The truck got nearer and nearer, magpie stuck in the carcass.
“feck” shouted jimmy, as felim magpie escaped death.
“next time he might not be so lucky” he sighed, as the three of them lifted off the branch they were on and headed home.

Chapter 2

“have they no respect” squawked rita crow out loud as jenny crow flew over the nest she lived in, six male crows after her.
“what do you mean ma” asked barney, snug in a corner.
Rita looked at him, shaking her head in disbelief.
“where was daddy last night” enquired barney, still sleepy eyed.
I wish the hawk got him sighed rita to herself, but smiled instead, not bothering to answer. I didn’t mean that she added, thinking to herself. To wish bad luck on another crow was like inviting death to the family. A local brewery in town emptied the remains of old beer tanks into a large Vat once a week. Paddy crow, rita’s partner had a softness for beer. Rita herself, was a pioneer, a crow that did not drink alcohol. Paddy was probably hung over in some tree.

This is a disgrace. A hawk like me eating cheap road kill, who’d believe it sighed Jeremy hawk, glad of the bits of mashed badger flesh between his claws as he lifted off the road and headed to a far away tree. I used to eat lamb, until they started using the shot gun, they being the local farmers. He complained and complained to himself while he ate his way through the strings of meat, remembering the old times. The sky used to be an orchard, various food options to choose from, like plucking apples from a tree, you hardly had to shake a wing at them. The very sight of me used to bring on cardiac arrest he frowned, still picking away, still remembering. A sharp noise, a reminder of past times, alerted him, chainsaw. Roaring and crackling loudly, the noise was unavoidable, meant one thing, homelessness. A loud crack, gone sighed Jeremy, still tucking into his road kill meal, that all of a sudden was so tasty.

Rita, helen, jimmy shook their heads in disbelief. Can’t be happening. The middle tree on wheel barrow lane was now bush on the ground.
“No time for the young ones to escape, at least twenty crows dead I’d say” quipped Helen crow matter of factly. Jimmy looked over at her, not happy at all.
“we’re next” cried rita, wiping her eyes with a wing. Jimmy put a wing around her for comfort.
“don’t fret, don’t fret” sighed jimmy.
“we’ll be homeless if this continues, all of us” squawked rita.

Wheel barrow lane was two lanes up from crow lane, where rita, helen, and jimmy lived. No crows lived in wheel barrow lane, but other smaller birds did such as sparrows and finches, the trees there being short and stumpy, but to every crow a tree was a home, or at least a refuge from a flying vulture. But rita was correct in her assumptions. If they cut down all of wheel barrow lane, they’d be one lane closer to crow lane. Like the artic ice, once plentiful, it was now scarce, putting the entire human and animal world in jeopardy. So it was with the trees and the crows. All birds would be in trouble if the trees disappeared. A good plan was all that was needed, at the very least decided rita, more composed with herself, on her way back to her nest. Barney sat up quickly once he heard his mother approach. He wanted to appear alert. He’d even a few worms for her gathered up that morning, a surprise for her. She’ll like that he thought as she landed on the branch beside him.
“happy mothers day” smiled barney, a heap of worms at his feet.
“ah barney” replied rita, her eyes teary looking.
Barney crow you did it again.

and what happens on crow lane could….the story continues….