All about time…

This is an opinion about [On Time, And How It Whooshes By]
it’s all about time, time to do this, time to go to work, time to go to bed, time to close up shop, and when we think of time, guess what, we totally mess up, cause so much depression, haven’t the time for that, time i got a job, time i did something with my life, and best of all, if you are not using your time as others suggest, they give out to you about wasting your time, what i know about time, is the danger of routine, waiting, waiting for the kettle to boil, a friend to arrive, it’s no wonder we get sick all of the “time”, so here is a suggestion that might make live all the happier, more interesting, and will make you wiser also.
you get up to do “A” and you plan is to get as far as “B”, it could be a car journey, it’s most likely work of a kind, so all over the world, like little ants we rush to A to B, and to C, and like clockwork, we give ourselves the okay as we meet each target, and we do this day in day out, maybe all our lives, and in the middle of this rushing around using our time, we ignore the folks we meet on the way, were blinkered in our determination to get the job done, so determined we are like bullies sometimes, so when you feel time is getting you done, pick the following playlist, neil young, a little leonard cohen, lady gaga, we all need beat, a little take that, and a dose of van morrison, finish with a few bob dylan tunes, and in no time at all you’ll be joyous, and the kitchen will be clean, and all of a sudden you’ll say, where did all the time go, and you’ll sleep easily and dream all night…don’t fill the vacuum that is sometimes time with worry, fill it with hopes and dreams of some might artists, and then maybe, you’ll become a star too, and about time too….amen

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