The reality of the devil inside…

This is an opinion about [THE DEVIL’S FAVORITE TOOL- And How to Conquer it]
society, our leaders, the news people, even our friends, evil wanders from soul to soul like a rat looking for food, and when it gets no sustenance, it gets angry, and that anger can manifest itself in the attitude friends can suddenly acquire, the trouble that descends upon you, basically put, he will even try to harm your friends and family, thereby weakening your resolve, and that’s as bad as it gets. when we become down in heart, the vacuum we create has to be filled, it’s called addiction, it’s why those that destroy love encourage hatred and resentment everywhere. i had a dream many years ago, apart from being saved from certain death, a bonus as they call it, it allowed me the chance to throw caution to all my fears, and push on regardless, and it worked. like all of us and that mountain we must climb, there are many ways to get up that hill, there will be barriers in our way, some will trek in groups, large communities, some of us will do it alone, BUT ONE THING IS CERTAIN AND WE HAVE BEEN WARNED AND WARNED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND I CANT STATE THIS ENOUGH, there are judas characters everyswhere, who do not want your light to shine, and i’ve met and dealt with a great number, and as they say, a little love goes a long long way…amen

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