Why do we exist, how did we come to exist, what makes us exist, answer is both pure and simple, love, the ultimate drug, most addictive feeling in the world, you have it, you’ll go to extremes to keep it, loose it, your life feels empty, you spend your life with love in mind, sometimes it becomes too much, you substitute it, sometimes it’s alcohol, sometimes it’s pleasure, when you misuse you loose, you spend all your time trying to get over it, problem is love is not always clean, it becomes distorted, you become distorted, marriage to marriage, no one makes you happy, the car becomes more important, the image is perfected, substance abuse is far bigger than drugs or alcohol, it’s people too, it’s those things you’d rather not do, so how do you save the love you have, how do you make it grow, very easily in fact, it’s the worst kept secret of the world. The evil doers pride themselves in creating division hatred resentment and fear, very simple to do, too simple. The neighbor has a bigger car, don’t trust the police, immigrants eat in that restaurant you can’t afford, those jihadists are all Muslims, those rantings you listen to on the radio and TV, night and day, it’s easy create hatred, even easier to create love though, if you allow yourself a space, I know, I’ve been there, suffered all sorts of opinions, trusted all sorts of folks, refused to join any of those clubs, as for division, just enter politics, but love is the one and only thing you need to survive in this world, and it’s a lesson older folks often forget to pass on to the young of this world, why?, because no one admits their mistakes easily, made so many I’d fill more pages than William Shakespeare almost. Why do certain communities get on better, ask yourself what divides and what doesn’t. in the world today, we have an image draining agenda, an attack on all that is good, it’s the plan of the evil doers for ages, it nearly worked, but like all those great movies, God always wins in the end, he has you and me create the love, the more we create the more he responds, seen this literally and physically happen, and it’s awesome. And why does love become distorted, the same reason minds become distorted, they become filled with odd ideas images and fear, it’s why we try to shield children from bad things, it’s why sandy hook happened, woke us up, it’s a wild world out there, twitter and the other hundred social media forums, you’ll find everything the mind craves and lots of disturbing shit easily today, it’s why children rely on the support of mindful and loving parents in order to grow up straight, not becoming warped, it’s why extremists are dangerous, why have we allowed porno to become mainstream, it’s why we need leaders who are interested in leading us, not deceiving us, it’s why across the entire universe we need to rally for the sake of common sense, and decide to have laws for politicians only, they are the chief architects of our downfall everywhere. Do you often hear them say, you get the government you deserve, it’s odd what we accept for truth, in reality you get the government that manages to deceive most, and who do governments work for, yes, big corporations that donate to them, lets grow a little hear, pretend no more, you have nothing to fear, the great lord of heaven and earth is 100% alert and real, those that damage the prospects of love everywhere are causing the hardship, the whole world over, give love a try, and like any wise father or mother, the wiser you use the gifts given to you, the more you’ll receive next time and the time after, it’s really that simple, and if you manage to sow the seeds of love, imagine how good that reward will be. The only currency in heaven is love, no silks, no watches, no cars, no carpets, no hunger either, or Cayman island accounts, it’s a place where joy is lasting and friendship is permanent, trust me on this, I’ve been on this trek, fallen a few times, got up and on with it, it works, it’s love, and it’s free to anyone who uses it for good purpose, and guess what, in the short term you’ll have more friends, that’s for starters, it’s a meal of never ending courses and totally filling. So, what you waiting for, go and create love and watch the world improve beyond imagination, I have, and I got to tell you, nothing in the world I’ve ever done comes close, and I’ve been around the world, amen. But like any wise person who plans on making this world a better place, do your research first, be wary of those who mislead, watch out for the pitfalls, see what happened to those who went ahead of you, and like all children, be cautious of those bearing gifts when you are most in need, and finally, study the lives of those who loved the most. These are just tips. Take care and like that movie, groundhog day, the first step, not the glory you have in mind it what’s all important.

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