Jesus broke the rules

it wasn’t a day thing, just an example thing, everyone needs a break, and routine is a danger to all, it’s just that if we all take a break to pray together, we recognize ourselves and are more likely to stay within the confines of the commandments, because we made a stand. i’ve watched for a long time, seen the impossible which is not impossible at all, and from my experience, sunday worship, who where or when, it’s the coming together of hearts that moves the heart of God. from tax collectors to soldiers, torturers, and people of easy virtue, it was a seven day week for jesus, but being reasonable he made it a weekly experience for us all, doctrine is sometimes too narrow, and we criticize Islam in this regard sometimes, but as the parable of the woman about to be stoned for adultery shows us, none of us are capable of judging anyone, and from my limited time around, we must apply wisdom to the times we live in, and not to the time of 2000 years ago, as we are only trying to control lives rather than love lives, and what was the message of Jesus, simple old love, need i say more.

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