a story used to be a lesson ..was once upon a time

Manipulation of every living person, been happening since time began, call it power call it addiction call it what you like, it’s a source of evil, it’s the most cunning disease about, children women men babies politicians Christians Muslims good men laymen clergymen suffer from it, it’s a disease, power to control to overstate to overtake, name of greed lust avarice or mistrust, the sexualisation of the very young, to the use of the gun, manipulation, it’s war it’s famine it’s the soul of evil, it’s in everyone, and we have to overcome it, sow hatred harvest hate, sow love harvest gold, yet we encourage manipulation, it’s your child’s education it’s the reason we have so much hate, we can’t show it so we pretend, the young who suffer alcohol abuse the drugs we offer to overcome, the political pretenders the pharmaceutical contenders, the professional sports we gamble on, the lost innocence that we always undersell, cause we all do it, and it’s something that’s almost impossible to overcome, I’ve been on the frontline, I watched the tactics, from Hitler’s men of propaganda to the last election, the pr men the advertisers best friend, media moguls reap the benefits, criminal tycoons get away with it, something has to be done, manipulation of truth we take for granted, fearful to open our mouths in case the truth gets out, and you wonder why all over the world they fight wars, all over manipulation, it’s time we stopped a minute and tried to work it out, she likes to dress up her boobs are not big enough, his clothes are torn he’s poor they warn, manipulation, don’t you get it, excuses they come up with help us get on with it, the walk to the cliff top okay there’s a bunch of us on top of it, sheep are easily manipulated it’s why we need shepherds to guide us, human race to where you ask, over the proverbial cliff if you really want to ask, kidding, paranoia it’s okay to buy a child in some far off country, the problem is now close to home, teeth clenched it wasn’t me, we’ll thrash a single reputation pretend it’s over you see, and it could have been halted with one click of a mouse,many folks making so much cash from it, from everyday corporations to stag night expectations, we are at the brink of a very permanent link, that will cast us out into a world full of horror and grief, if we don’t wake up from our illusions before we are taken out, paranoia, you must be joking I’d prefer to play a round of golf, better still a good movie with plenty of late night vice, Heffner flint hustler and the streams of adult misadventure, do you think you’ll get a hearing when the son of god is about, I don’t think so and I’ve seen more than most, manipulation, and you all thought it was okay to sexualize like it’s the most normal thing to do, they thought the same in Babylon and their ending is going to happen to you, have no doubts, just wake up and smell the coffee before the sugar runs out…what an environment to rear children in..end of love end of all future generations, all because we do nothing about the disease of manipulation, and it was the same thousands of years ago, did I hear you mention the name Jesus Christ, he was just a comic book hero, some folks got together made up stories about some fellow, pretended he was manipulating the people or something, I read about it somewhere, probably just another one of those stories they wrote, while they tried to manipulate us out of circulation forever, we’d never do that, would we now, never…I hear he had connections though, did someone mention wind stars moon universe, just a made up story I guess..pure manipulation..amen
less fantasy more reality, it might hurt in the beginning but we’d all grow wiser, a whole lot quicker, less manipulation would be a start…just an opinion

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