most embarrassing moment of my life…

i attended a meeting with the representatives of government and power, had my papers with me, had a clean suit on, was well prepared and full of hope, had belief in those i was about to meet, arrived safely, surroundings immense, was led down a hallowed corridor, ministerial offices either side, walked the most expensive carpet, held my breath and went in. cleared my throat, looked around at the minimalist decor, a small table in front of me, about twenty feet away, man rose to greet me, i put out my hand, to hand over a thesis and working document, a proposal full of good intention, he put out his, to take my copy from me, just then, without uttering a word, he put out a second hand, and held it out, and waited for me to respond, what i thought, what is going on, after thirty seconds he took his hand away, as i just realized i was supposed to grease his hand, it was the fee i suppose as some would call it for getting in the door, the reason i was embarrassed is simply this, these men were so called friends of my mother, who had supported them all her life, what a waste i thought, little wonder honesty almost died, and what happened afterwards, is still being felt all over the world, and that is quite embarrassing, and this practice still goes on…

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