Happy New Year – Let there be many more to remember!

Change the world they said, he laughed out loud, the world changed every day, they should have said, for the better, change it for the better, of course they meant better, but every lawyer thrives on the word and the many meanings of deception, and like a global court case, the trial we all are involved in, survival or disaster, there is always a lawyer to explain the status of us all, but never a lawyer there to show us the way forward, unless it’s a cayman account or laundered money valve, tax free status, or some other similar type of theft, all legal of course, client confidentiality a must, a bit like the confessional box, except they never seek the good, only the money, yours, it doesn’t matter who pays, the ferryman always gets his fee, unlike the divine judge, there is no appeal, just the hope of mercy, and you can plead, and plead, or pretend you didn’t notice or have some great excuse to pose with, while the cameras roll at your front door, blame the lawyer of course, the one you selected and paid, the list is endless the excuses legendary, the failing is human, but judgment is divine, not like your local court house, your excuses don’t carry any weight, the witness’s that support you, theirs is a similar fate, but you all go down together, into the pit of darkness, forever left to your own devices and the coldness in your heart, and why do I know all this, simply I’ve seen the light, and where there is light, there is also darkness, and let me tell you darkness is not good for you, you get used to it, nothing grows in it, you vegetate and fade, nothing happens down there, so how do you change the world, make it better, and please no lawyers opinions or you’ve lost the case your gonna make, well here is my answer to this great weight on the shoulders of those who had the responsibility of talent, and misused it for their own delights, I’m just given you a warning not a warming, your doing that yourselves, restore the light, it’s that simple, and what is light you might ask, it’s the following; it’s a little child who looks up to his dad without fear, it’s the hope of an elderly relative for a visit from you, it’s the old lady who lives all alone in fear who delights when she hears your voice on the intercom, it’s the emotion you feel when you truly love, it’s simple burden sharing and most importantly of all, it’s putting yourself last for the sake of love. So between us all, don’t keep yourself busy on booze TV golf pornography shopping or food, or some other way to blot out your conscience, open your heart today, show a little light, you’ll be surprised, and I didn’t mention religion once, now tell me this, doesn’t it feel good when you do good, it’s really that simple, I never mentioned money either, it’s like air, we need it to survive but we don’t need to control it the way we do, it sets off the domino affect, suddenly it’s all we can think of, will the IPO work, the sums become fantastical, the car port becomes a garage, the home becomes a range of houses, while the mistress’s accumulate before our eyes, as for the party, it’s now a season, and the excuse we use for it all, we did it for the children, I hope you don’t believe such lies, shed the light, and loose some weight while your at it, it’ll change your world their world our world, for the better, and perhaps allow us a little more time to take up our responsibilities rather than spew out more lies, happy new year, where do you start…

well how about some home truths to begin with, it may hurt, but so does the average operation or visit to the doctor, well it used to before we learned there was more to visiting the doctor than just pain, it kinds heals us, the same way love heals us, even when it hurts sometimes. show me a mother who hasn’t agonized over her children.. so i’ll go on….

Defending the indefensible almost, promoting the farming of children, pretending to defend the voiceless, promoting the violation of the most vulnerable, sounds lawyerish, what if it’s true, what if God is true, what does it matter to you, and my point is this, and it applies to every living Christian on the planet today, tomorrow and next week, and for ever more, call it arrogance if you wish, call it a grand statement, call your doctor instead, but the point I make is 100% true, and because I know that God is real, that the divine does indeed exist, and that hell is not just a word but a destination as well, and when I say Christian, I refer to anyone on the planet that acts out of love occasionally, as that’s what it is all about, simple love, from beginning to end, so what about this, and is there anyone out there with conscience, or are you all just putting in time, planning the pension etc.
Imitation was the reason the prophets existed, the hope being, that we might imitate the right and do less of the wrong, too simple for most, but it’s true. What about baby children and the swell of experience and poor treatment being dished out to them across the world today, and everyday for years. My case is not exceptional but I studied the affects of behavior on the very young and had the experience and luxury of helping some young ones along, and saw the way they imitate those they deem close to them, from the age of dot, and after joining all the dots, broken marriages, single parenting,
Working mothers, child care, traffic congestion, bullying at work, media interference with daily living, distrust for intuitions we depended upon, collapse of global religions, and the tragic rise in porn, and the final nail in the coffin being, the cyber generation and the egotistical growth of the web, via facebook twitter, all of which are madly promoted by both Government and the financial markets, the devil does indeed exist, it’s almost if they, those of evil intent, deliberately and intelligently, set out to destroy and obliterate love from the planet, hoping we’d all give up and become addicted as well, my point being, one life lived well so far, triumphs and tragedies in equal share, how, without being elite, without rigorous and righteous support, can a young child grow up in a healthy environment, when all around there is an abundance of selfishness and the me mentality everywhere. America feels it’s more important that any other race on earth, no reasoning to it, but they belief it, sorry if I offend thee, but the change has to come from somewhere, this is not a Leonard cohen song or a neil young lament, it’s a dire warning to every single human being seeking hope and mercy to a certain extent, as to the why and why not’s about saving the human race, are we worth it, just like that stupid add on the TV, and please do not wheel out a vulnerable child to excuse all that’s being going on, I’m just a writer you see, my only goal is truth, it’s why I know Hollywood is dead their stuff is full of repeats, old stories fashioned in new cloth, will I go on though, is there any point in making a case to God and his divine, or should I give up on you all instead. Everywhere I look, bar very few places, i tend to exagerate, I see grounds for the ultimate divorce, I just wish some folks spoke up a little more and did more to keep it in place. Will I go on. This child thing really bothers me, it’s the reason I don’t have kids of my own, second hand love and second class citizens, it’s what the world has become, except in very exceptional places, so before I’m accused of not telling it true, I’m just making you aware of the causes, just some, that might cause us all to disappear, to heaven the few, to hell the support act, and I’m just telling this to you now, so what are we all going to do to rectify the world…amen..p.s. spread the light

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