Lets make it Childrens day, Everyday

The beginning the middle and the end, and it ain’t you, they are heaven they are angels they are smiles, no poet writes about them either no feedback from the source, they don’t read before the age of two, on hope they wait and they are patient, they are the children of the earth. Mothers have support children benefit the most, it’s wrote to you in this little note to remind you of that most famous of quotes, blessed are the children and blessed are those that spoke and blessed they are.
Born into love as it was once known, raised in a loving home, as it was hoped, till the western society turned them all into little consumers and into little dopes, as companies globally target their emotions first with the money then with the hope, now they act like little consumers can’t wait to get to the shops, while adults play with the emotions of life itself, children.
So what happened to the emotion known as love, how come we watered it so much,
I don’t really belong in this world, anyone with an excuse better speak up, it’s
not a case of my child it’s a case of what happens to the rest. Blank, I thought so it’s
not my fault, I’d no time, I’ve ..got a lot in my head but I’m so busy thinking of myself
That, I don’t have time for anything else

Why do so many women carry the burden alone.?

we grow with time to learn something while busy mothers struggle to pay bills, child grows up in the arms of strangers even circus animals get their thrills, and they get fed a good education as well, while all the time love weakens and weakens, you can’t be serious he said, so what happened to love, the pure emotive version not the Hollywood fraud and all the rest, where did it go somewhere else.

National rebellions economic strife years and years of legal theft, wars on the verge of commencement many more in motion, more planned and on the shelf, nothing is sicker than the ocean, that grows toxic by the day, water once clean crystal and clear only a dream or a bottle away, and the continued abuse of young children toddlers and babies as the abuse of women holds sway.

God is a farmer that I am sure, how do you think he’ll feel, it could be a woman as well by day how about two, but the love harvest is at an all time low and we’ve got to makeup, take another prozac bully your neighbour as well, since the kids arrived how can peace survive when I used to be the one, yeah, that’s it, the one, my life, my car, my career, my health, at least you can surf the web if still insecure.

God can’t come up with answers to the pleadings he hears every night, unless they come from the heart there is no light, no getting away either from the question he’s going to ask you, did you do for love and why is it so hard to hear you, your heart, God listens tired sometimes from all the excuses, he’s a father a mother too, but what’s going on for far too long, is going to bring a great change.

but it’s beginning at night from all the young hearts still right, that suffer by day and in quite, I’ve got to act he says, soon I think if I’m right, so what is your excuse for allowing the greatest emotion tether on the brink, while our so called leaders shrink from all their sworn duties, but then again don’t you love surprises, when is the last time you saw an elderly couple on the street, a loving look in their eyes, on TV most likely. But don’t worry about the state of tomorrow or the day after, this world is still evolving, let’s hope we stand together like they do when there is a great tragedy, let’s get smart and avoid the trauma, let’s make it Christmas day, everyday…

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