Don’t Be Alarmed

Hang tough, Gandhi felt like ending it all, even Jesus got depressed sometime, your emotions are always changing, and when we feel down we think that’s it, because we are human, if you want to be inspired, read this, it might help.
when you wrote this story, or cry for help you didn’t expect much, all you wanted was hope, someone to listen, it’s all right to be down, i’ve a little friend too, he saved my life. but to
put it in short, when you woke this morning and wrote your letter, you never expected that i would reply or send you a reply, and neither did i. what does this mean, basically put, when we get up in the morning and work our day, we try to fix the outcome, we have a plan and we go from A to B to C, but along the way we encounter people, most of the time we dont even notice others, so what does this all mean, what’s the point in all this, it’s this, and it’s all so simple, teach your friends this lesson;
Change happens every day in every situation no matter what, and because we are so fixed in our own life, and our own personal interests, we have forgotten to notice what goes on in other lives been lived. so if you not with it today, imagine what is going on elsewhere, and think about all the changes that will come tomorrow. by the end of the week you’ll be shocked, i learned this through experience, i’ve been there too. Sometimes it’s good to buy a lottery ticket, just dont buy out the shop.

rgds etc…

a friend

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