Was It Worth It

This was meant to be a statement to the older generation, and what I’d like to say to them,
It’s turning out a little different, but it’s fairly interesting all the same, but it’s still something they ought to know, and it’s true.

You wonder why, we all wonder why, why people do the things they do, mostly bad sometimes good, with good people being almost too good be true. Look around you and take a good look at your surrounds, I don’t mean your possessions, I don’t mean where you live, the view you enjoy, the money you have saved, the grandchildren etc, but take a good look at the general well being of people, all people, not just your friends, and wonder how we all got to this point in time, are you impressed with it, I’m not talking of yourself as most people do, practically all people can only think of themselves mainly or their near family, full stop. I started to write a short piece about suffering and how it’s hyped to justify the poor state of so many lives, and while I got a lot on the page, there was another point I wanted to make, a far more meaningful and lasting statement, as to the why’s and why not’s for this and that. So, with love in mind, nurture at the centre and time being of the essence, I decided to write this true account of a life, a standard that can be achieved, thereby putting it right with creation and the divine body and master to whom we owe the debt for our lives and the very fact we exist at all. This was and is no accident that we came to exist in the first place, no matter who or where you are, and so the story goes.

Greatness is not something we set out to achieve, it’s usually a question of survivorship that sets us out on the path of life, can we eat, drink and be happy, can we achieve our dreams, can we make our feelings and opinions clear, can we contribute to our societies and country and to the well being of those in need, can we afford to be honest in a world that is over politicized, do we have to join an organization, can we depend upon the support of God, are angels as wise and as clever as God, do they have wisdom at the divine level, the list is endless, but all the above points feature in the story I’m about to unwind, a journey and crusade that started in a small and non descript wine bar in a small western town, for the ultimate challenge, the forces of evil on one side, the force of good on the other, the real david and goliath struggle, not an imaginary one. If you like old western movies, this is the modern version, and there’s loads to tell. I was the wine bar manager, and operator, and like those westerns of old, figured out from many viewings of many movies, that the only person to survive the final showdown at sundown, was usually the bar staff, everyone likes a drink, and everyone has a weakness, what’s yours. If you like the movie, “High Noon”, a western featuring gary cooper, one of the great actors of his time, this is a modern version, in that the good man confronts a generation, a clint eastwood type scenario multiplied by ten. If you are romantic you must remember the film, “an affair to remember”, where love is centre to all, this is the story I’m telling, if you have any doubts about the existence of God, this story will re assure you, if your unsure about what to do in life, this story just might inspire you, and it’s 100% true, to the last detail, not that details are important, story is. And to pour love on top of love as they say, it changed the world also!. So where do you want me to start, the hospital, the winebar, government buildings, the local psychiatric ward, the beach, it’s all in there. For those of you who are young, changing the world is easy, keeping it changed is the hard part. And by the way, never put total trust in any one politician, power corrupts, we all like to be admired. When I was young, Highway to Heaven was my TV program of choice, when I got older I attempted to built that highway, I think I succeeded a bit more than even I expected, amen. I hope you have a good story to tell, when it matters.

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