Love The Creator!

this is an installment from a journey that has no fixed destination, a simple goal that can never be satisfied, but one that must keep going. simply put, we all exist to appreciate a gift, for some it’s a burden most of us are afraid to share. In a nutshell, if you don’t get to the root of a problem, you will never come up with a SOLUTION.
Because my life was one influenced by love, and the hurt it can cause, and having had the opportunity for reflection, I asked for help to come up with a solution, and to this day i keep asking, and it works. We are all influenced by those who give us real love and support, and likewise, we are all damaged when true love becomes distorted, and we set off on a rather odd course, can lead us to hell on earth, it’s happened to so many, so much so the whole world lost faith, in everyone including God!.
So, in appreciation of a great victory I had, i decided to thank the one who saved me, and
redeem a reputation, as I didn’t like the negative press, so i became his agent in the making, well that was my plan. And sure in the support that existed, i put my trust in one outcome, that’s why i’m here!

Temptation – “From The Adventures of Father O’Che”

He offered her a home baked cookie. It wasn’t the offer she expected. Magda came to the room. There was no talk of perfection. Food was comfort he reckoned to anyone who came from eastern Europe. Sugar deficiency had made them all sour. They only smiled when they came west. Sugar was key. She sat on the bed, the TV played in the background. He was in his chair, table to his side, JD, cookie plate and pen and paper, ice bucket, his notes across his lap, covering his open belt buckle. She might think I was expecting. Both of them looked at the TV. Magda had stopped whinging making it possible for him to listen. His eyes didn’t leave the screen, afraid to look in her direction. She moved about on the bed, her skirt shifting up her leg, by degrees.
It’s terrible that they want everyone dead she said once the news went to the add break. He was about to change channels, decided against it, maybe we should talk instead. He opened his mouth.
Yes, it’s an insane world, a strange world for sure, and you’ve had your problems, he said.
His eyes lingered on her leg. His back ached too, he’d been sitting in that same chair for over three hours. She flipped her hair a few times, a sign she was in recovery, flirting with him. She yearned for human comfort, contact in the flesh. She was on the bed, he only had to ask.
Needing to go to the bathroom, he was unbuckled, his pants undone, he thought about the consequences, if she thought him prepared to cum. He changed channel quickly, and moved to MTV. She was immediately glued to the screen. A Paris fashion show, a behind the scenes look, MTV invited special guests stressed the geek with the fashion eye glasses that were not prescription. Harry used the distraction. In a moment he was upstanding and done up, his buckle hung loose.
Where you going she asked. He pointed to the door.
Dousing his face with water again and again, he remained inside the small room, listening to her change channels. Noises were too familiar. He knew that moan. Magda was enthralled. I could make money doing this she thought, as she watched the women moan while lying on their back. How did she find that channel he thought, was she reading his notes. They included a little fantasy he wrote. He likes this she thought, surprised but not really. The hotel had a monitoring system of all the digital TV usage, including his room. Flicking her shoes free from her feet, she slipped off her panties, leaving them for him to see. He was not supposed to notice, she pulled her dress below her knees. He waited for the channel to change before making an entrance.
If ye had more towels I’d have taken a shower he said, re-entering the space.
The pope she said, pointing to the TV. It was an invitation to get reunited.

My Favorite Journey(aka most significant night of my life, 100% pure 13/11/1989)

It started one night, an ordinary Monday evening, I was home from the office, I worked in the accounting profession at the time, and was about to settle down before a large fire in an old country house, of nineteenth century vintage, when a family member informed me of an errand they had to run, a short journey to town that should have taken at the most fifteen minutes. Being me, I volunteered to take on the responsibility myself, something I was used to doing, a good habit I learned from my ma. Men were generally chivalrous in those days, not so much now, internet porn changes everyone unfortunately, including the concept of romance and the virtue of real love. The time was after 11.
The previous night, I happened to run out of petrol in my old sports car, an MGB convertible, a car I restored with a good friend, well I held the tools he did the hard graft. When I say the car ran out of petrol what I mean is that the juice tank was leaking fuel, faulty perhaps. Because of this glitch with my beloved car, I used a different vehicle to do my errand into town this fateful night. It was fateful, it changed the complexion of the world as I know it, it’s repercussions felt to this very moment, 20 odd years later to the day almost, November 13th 2012.
I meandered down the old circular stairway, keys in hand, hope in everything good, feeling in tip top form, as we had visitors over from the states, business leaders of significance who would be of help to me as I was in the early stage of what appeared to be a very promising and lucrative career, and dinner had been good. Country food is tastier than city grub, have you ever eaten free range turkey, it crumbles from the bone unlike the rubbery shit they call turkey today, in those times telephone calls meant something, you just didn’t ring someone on speck or when you felt like it, mobiles hardly existed then, were certainly scarce, then again neither did the internet exist in those days. And when someone mentioned the word text, they meant a page of typed words, not squiggly bits of made up words as the word is referenced today. You get the picture, comfy, well off, advantageously placed and going places, my life could hardly have been better, and women liked me for being me, it was as if life could not go wrong. I was also at the final stages of my professional exams, the final step to freedom and success as some might see it.
Opening the door to the night, I stepped out into the courtyard where we parked the vehicles, dressed in my new Savill row suit, a suit I purchased a couple of weeks earlier in London, pricey but worth it as they say, I looked like a broker on wall street, red braces the lot. Just one thing though, a fog had descended, I was glad I was using the saloon car not the small MGB. Our courtyard is about 500 yards from the main road, a narrow tree lined avenue has to be navigated, as I got near our front gate, the fog got denser. I wasn’t worried mind you, the road to town was fairly straight, I had rode it so often I could almost do it without lights. I mooched slowly into the road, more cautious than expected, my seat belt on, fog thicker than gravy, unlike anything I ever experienced. Fifteen or twenty mph at most, that’s how heavy it was, almost blinding. I’d be home in twenty minutes I thought, or thereabouts. Three days later I woke up in an ambulance on route to a major orthopedic hospital in the west of Ireland, seriously injured from head to toe, my life spared. Six months later I finally made it home, in crutches, many operations later. I’ve been on the same journey every day since. Thank you God.

A Journey Home – part two of a very long day!

Alcohol money sex, ams for short, Amsterdam, is there anything besides ams the people are interested in, not in Amsterdam, they lure you they use you they confuse and abuse you not that they knew you, but they did understand what interests man, and I guess they used this to confuse you. Why is this true what I say to you not that I don’t like art not that I don’t neither do you, but the city is set up, right from the start, to reduce your cash flow and to take from your heart. Terra is a word used to explain the word of the land, a place not a start, go see where it is if you think it’s a world apart. Dam is a word and damned is a place, and damned is this city with no feeling or heart, why you ask can I say right from the start, Amsterdam is a city of such consequence without feeling or heart. Now put it all together the words from the start, and imagine your sister working night and day lying on her back. Fuck and suck 50 dollar it start, sounds like Bangkok but it’s no different where you start, cause I’ve been there to see it and to take it all in, I could not imagine a place of no feeling right from the start. From the cab ride to town and the driver going round and round, the fare measured correct tock us right to the heart, alcohol money sex ams for short, I soon realized the scam so much for the heart, but I only got disgusted when I saw the crowds gather and the talk of molestation, everyone is keen to take part, from the lady in the hotel and the discount for cash, I don’t mind a joint but I do care about the heart, there isn’t much of it in Amsterdam, I should have known from the start. And why is this an issue today, let me explain before you get confused. This is the journey of the heart.
Evil doers have for years gotten away with blue murder destruction and rape of minds young and old and this is how it is done, they ride the reputation of those who were good, the same way they dress up a museum and sell it as culture while at the same time undermining culture by assigning it with sex tourism as they do in the dam, and this availability of culture refined as it may seem, allows the evil doers to access the minds of me and you, call me prude call me what you like, but if you remove the heart and replace it with pure money you’ll soon find out that when the money runs out they wont want me or you, and as if to prove the point further, seek the land they invaded for hope sake and when you find it remember to visit, as I’m sure your still looking please don’t excuse the fact that this is narrow thinking or a piercing of your heart, but the world is not motivated by love we just pretend and there it starts, and it goes on and on, the same as before, it goes on and on but it’s not going anywhere fast, because evil was allowed to meddle in the affairs of the wise, pride became the law, it’s the reason they invaded Africa all those centuries ago, they pretended it was for God, just to raise the cash, and so from there on and years that went on, faith was lost in human Endeavour, and it’s lead us to this moment in time, so if it’s heart your looking for, Amsterdam is not the place to start, plenty of trafficked women though, don’t think the government will like this story, but if you think it’s a mistake, go to Amsterdam and see it fast, cause those waters are rising and so are the fears of the residents of this city without soul or heart, well you might as well be honest once, that’d be a start, and I never mentioned the word cannabis once, now that’s a first for Amsterdam and that’s a start. The journey home from the “Dam” was a good day to start.

Your A Statistic

Statistically speaking, and only statistically speaking, if you know what I mean that is, otherwise your just what I am speaking of, a statistic, a dead and soon to be forgotten statistic. This may seem rather cruel and unjust, speaking to you as a statistic, but what have you been doing all your life, if not counting everything, what else. And what are statistics, things you count, so for all intent and purpose, that about sums you up. How often do I go to the bathroom, if you don’t count now your doctor will soon tell you to count how often you pass. When is the last time you checked your bank balance, I was only checking I suppose, and how many people voted for Mr Obama, I can go on and on and on forever it seems, but at the end of the day all you do is count things. When is the last time you were intimate, have we a problem there, go see your doctor he’ll tell you the statistics, need insurance more statistics, need a bank loan, your manager will have the statistics, it’s why accountants cheat all the time, gets over the statistics. My accountant doesn’t cheat and neither do Cayman island bank accounts, check the statistics. Why else would they set up an off shore tax haven a few miles off the American coast line, easier to get there, check the statistics. I mention the word statistics not out of my love for statistics, it’s just that I hate the technical reach of the word. Even when they prepare you for a medical operation or the next set of unemployment figures, statistics they say. How can you compare a wall mart job ,McDonnell’s job to working for Microsoft or apple. 50 million American folks were in manufacturing not so long ago, now the figure is 10 million and falling, just a statistic, but you see where all this statistic stuff is leading you, to the statistic dumper. And what are all the religious boys and girls doing about all this, their God was a statistician I suppose, hardly. But if the world was one giant statistic, what about the others.
I’m drinking wine, with nothing added but time, that rose from a grape that came from the vine, fact not statistic, collected from roots thousand years or more old, the proverbial juice of the earth. Statistically speaking if I was to suggest to you that the wine before me was purely an accident of nature, you’d rightly deem me senseless, and just one of those crazy guys, another statistical fool. In the time it has taken to write this piece about statistics, I don’t suppose your vaguely interested statistically speaking that is, of course your interested, who doesn’t watch reality shit night and day, who doesn’t count the length of their last affair, who doesn’t twitter these days, and why are we more interested in President Kennedy’s women than on the principles of the man himself, cause were mostly brain dead and facial, she looks nice, like his smile, that’ll sell, wise up before it’s too late and I’m not speaking statistically.
The merchants of evil are having it hard and they face a rather certain future, that is not imaginary or describable. They survive like soul lice, they hang out in your heart, and they are real. When you love they pass on like cancer, and they have covered almost the entire human earth, but not all, not at all. Why do folks of great reputation with the almighty hang out in convents and monasteries, it’s safer, this is not a statistic, this is fact I’m afraid. But the count down to the extermination of the soul lice of this world has been ongoing these last twenty two years or more and why you are safe from this extermination is the same reason your love is flawed. Twenty thousand children have died from lack of food since this article was started, fifteen minutes ago, thousand of rapes have occurred too, this has been ongoing for years upon years. The only person you are interested in is possibly yourself, and the family you have, a few relatives at most. You really haven’t loved that much, stop protesting and get a health check up. But the river of evil that flowed over the earth is coming to an end, and I’m not speaking statistically but realistically, I’ve seen the cloud, the rings in the sky, the lines of stars, wisdom in a child, sadly it’s nothing go to do with statistics, really, I hope you don’t become just another statistic, chances are not often taken. Honey where is the garbage, I’ve something to throw out.
Time ago and not so long ago, it was wisdom to dump and burn, not recycle and save. The potential collapse of our world forced us to this way of thinking, if you think I’m lying ask your grandparents. It was also considered wise to dress for the weather and not for excitement to come. Many habits or wise nuggets of wisdom were passed on from generation to generation, like the wine I’m drinking, same vine same field same result. But over the years the wisdom passed on was watered down, the infamous Henry the seventh of England (seven as in seven wives Henry) abolished the wisdom of the day to suit his own purpose, sorry if I offend some of thee but I don’t dare tell lies, I know the consequence when you lie to yourself, you end up a stranger in a body that you are not familiar with. If you marry for reasons other than love you’ll get the point. How long can you stare out the window without wishing it had been different. You can get used to anything. Why are you addicted to public figures, celebrity etc, covers up your own mess nicely I’d say. Why does is take 500 million dollars to fight an election these days, presidential election, who do you think will end up paying it all. How long can you keep on printing money before everyone else finds out, a century maybe, check out the year were having if your insecure and seeking advice on doing something. Never a better time to do zilch, statistically speaking, with so many people out of work think of all the cheap labour about. They work for peanuts in Asia, china, most places where there is hunger, and who do you think uses this cheap labour, the guys who sell you all these tablet thingies, 100-500 dollar baby for what was crumbs to manufacture, but if they all do it, wall street supports it, and you can afford it, doesn’t the new tablet match my bracelet darling, just swallow and shut up dear. Statistically speaking and realistically speaking, if the mess we are all engaged in is not tantamount to the abuse of man woman child earth water wind sun moon and stars, I don’t know what is. And if you suppose that we all assembled ourselves from a simple seed of no known origins accidentally or were born at all, and that a salmon from Alaska can find it’s way home from any place on the ocean, or a swallow can leave south Africa and magically appear in my back garden purely by memory alone every year, what do you suppose the mayan culture thought, statistically speaking, when they counted time out, not now but sometime soon perhaps, do you ever give it a thought, or is the credit card limit a bit too much for you, I can’t go out tonight I lost my Viagra.

Story of Christ


Much has been written about the sources of life on this planet. More has been written about the life of the one known as “Jesus of Nazareth”. Given the state of the world today and the many religious wars been fought, either protecting it or promoting it, religion that is, a better understanding of Jesus is needed more today than ever before. Many prophets exist today, preaching and predicting. Condoning and conditioning, their own understanding of “Jesus Christ” their attraction, each one having a leaning towards their own philosophy, none of them it seems able to offer a totally unbiased vision of Jesus, as a kind forgiving and sometimes angry man or woman perhaps, who lived to love and protect the most vulnerable, but all the time willing to see the good in everyone, even in the most difficult of times. In a world torn apart by a mixture of greed lust apathy paranoia and fear, ignoring the other issues we all are too familiar with such as “the abuses”, it is time that we put an end to the mess, and got ourselves singing off a familiar hymn sheet, so that we can follow a future that does not consist of global destruction by means of chemical, atomic, or human means – disease. Whatever, we do not want to repeat the titanic experience – everyone for themselves. Anyway, going a step further, as in planting and reaping, I can state without exception, that while nature may provide you with the means to create the impossible from the most unlikely of sources, nurture is the key ingredient. Try making a cake, grow marijuana instead, wont make you fat. But seriously, I have learned more from growing marijuana than I could have possibly have imagined. To put things in a nutshell, we need to go back to our roots if we are to create the future we need, and not the future mess and tragedies we are so good at forecasting, it’s not all about money. Where’s the artic, will I go on!. Has anyone seen jane!
I have spent most my life seeking the good and the god in people, and I had plenty of bribe money to go with the journey, so attracting interest was never too difficult, and so I journeyed well and learned even more, from conspiracy to murder, and met new friends. Not all experience is bad. I also learned that there are so many good people too, so many who do so much without mention without seeking or needing attention, record sales, so many waiting for godot too, too few certain, many fearful of other religions, too many divided, all because of religion. In a world so divided it is no wonder human kind seeks survival when it used to seek friends, everyone is confused. I know many men who would be happier if allowed to be gay, who conceal their true identity, so twisting their sexuality into perversion and what it leads to, another compromising opportunity for the media industry, photos flash bulbs stories ex girlfriends, sister brother whatever, the world is in crisis, people and nations are in conflict, how’s your pension doing, did they evict you yet and all the time the titanic sails along, sinking so slowly, no one notices. It’s all the result of religion sadly, not one, not all, but the mongrel approach we select, when choosing which version of god we choose to make our own as it agrees with our principles we hope, but has in fact more to do with the amount of knowledge we have, we all love to be important. Look at the TV, reality this and that, everyone is a star, and a potential pervert too, kiddie porn is on the rise, what was the preserve of the perverted has made its way mainstream, England has a porn baron as a newspaper owner, how low can you get, I was in it for the fuck. The biggest media baron in the world made his fortune using page three girls. Sadly porn is now mainstream, accounts for 40-50% of web time, what about time spent viewing violence, what’s going on is out of control now, no wonder they still build prisons, they are unable to turn the tide of human decline, Governments that is, perhaps that will change with President Obama, we’ll soon see.
So, with all that in mind, this is the story of my experience of the planet earth, a journey, truth of a kind. I labelled my venture the history of love, the journey of reality we all have to deal with every day of every year for all our lives, as surely as God exists, science has yet to create a new seed, at best science can adapt seeds, it has never produced a new one without using an earlier one, I can prove it if pushed, but only through love can we avert the end of the world. Muslim, Christian, or whatever, we are all on this path, love is the foundation of all our existences, and as God is Love, hopefully by the time you get to the end of my rambling thoughts, you will want to improve the way you love, thus allowing for a better future for every single one of us. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got on, and rose above the bigotry that divides us, bigotry that is manufactured for us by the various spin doctors and propagandists throughout the universe, actively daily. Imagine what would have happened in Germany in 1939 had the propaganda artists and munitions manufacturers not been able to influence public opinion, 50 million dead six years later, I rest my case. Lest you imagine that what I say is complete gibberish, pause a moment and imagine the secret groups actively planning war in the middle east and elsewhere and the consequences for the rest of us and the shady corporations who support them financially because money is their religion, not love.