It’s Been Said For Years,

To the older generation, good persons or good Christians, I don’t carry placards, I don’t walk streets under a banner, I don’t pull punches either, but I do try to be humorous sometimes, as humor is key to keeping the mind well, only when it’s real of course.

Why bury your heads in the sand, why look guilty, because we all are guilty whether we believe it or not, and this is why what I say is true. Evil has always existed in the world, and we have been warned about this for generations. The fact that this is truer now more than ever before, from the exploitation’s of all, in almost all circumstance, you name it, it has been done, but those of us who like to be called “good” or “Christian”, it was and has always been the duty of those who claim these titles for themselves to do more than just pass judgment on those who horrify us in deeds, and for this we are all to blame. I am not trying to put you on Valium, but since I was a child, a child with conscience, I still feel like a child by the way, but I used to go to my local supermarket with my mom, I was ten or less, I’m talking many years ago, near forty or thereabouts, but I was always aware that we all had a reason for being, even then. At that time in school, Biafra and the famine that ensued in those parts quite often used to make regular topics of conversation, and with the TV exposure that went with it; children love seeing tanks and bombs on TV cause it’s exciting, as exciting as seeing sexuality being demonstrated, don’t think we learned a thing in reality, but I remember thinking to myself, while I walked past the cereal aisle of the big shop and all the cereal on display, how if I chose to buy it all on Friday how it would all be replaced by Monday, it’s the same today and will be the same next week, cause no single nation stood up to the violation of Africa from all angles, and I’m afraid the older generation simply did zilch to rectify the situation, apart from the usual suspects, the aid agencies. And my point being, if your only interest in life is the welfare of your own family and close associates, your just the same as everyone else, no matter how well you look or how smart your job, did you ever hear of the good Samaritan, it’s time to wake up some I’d say. It was the systems that we depended upon that destroyed the well being of the world, and these systems weren’t run by aliens, but humans. We’ll be asked to account for ourselves one given day, sooner than we think I imagine, I hope we have a good story to tell, that’s all.
Admit your faults and try to make amends for the bad deeds you carried out, cause I know for certain that God is very real, and more real than people imagine. Just cause he hasn’t shown up for a while reminds me of school and the teacher who went sick who used to give us loads of homework, we didn’t wish him back too soon. It’s the same with God and his associates. It’s why those who encourage libertine thinking such as the grasping of pleasure
and opportunity at any time and those among us who don’t fret about the sexualisation of everything, want to keep on encouraging a lifestyle based on no after life, it’s in their interest not to have God exist at all, no guilt nothing but death to worry about. I’m a Christian and the way children have been sexualized these last ten years was a signpost moment for me in that I reckoned it was the last straw for our way of life on the planet, so it seems. The more of them in the group the better they all feel, group therapy. Have you ever tried to leave the Mafia safely. Once you’re a confidant you’re a risk to all. Those who live a life with little or no virtue don’t really want to see former colleagues turn good as they get older. It worries them, have I missed something. Did I need all those affairs, how is my first wife doing, what about the office affair, was he married she asks, did he leave his family for me, etc etc etc…..what about all the children that were affected etc etc…
So finally, to an older generation, don’t worry about getting old, every tree has to seed, every plant must die to live again. If you want to put things right with God, you make amends and do your best. You’d be surprised how forgiving a father really is, ask your mother if she is still alive. Seriously though, to the older generation, try to forgive as best you can, mercy is vital for you, you don’t want to leave this life with grief on your head, but with a patient smile. By the way, I hope I sound like Pope Celestine, even he came out at the end, and that was 800 odd years ago, I don’t mean sexually, but faithfully. I’d recommend that you read his prophecies, no matter what your faith, or what they believe in. We still worship idols by the way….well lots of folks do, it’s called dieting from the heart, starvation from compassion, winner all right, whose next. When your passed, you’ll only be remembered for the good you did, the encouragement you gave, and the love you shared, nothing else. Maybe Santa is real, he’s real to little children. Why not do it for the children, it’s a good an excuse as any!

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