Bradley Manning

Twenty thousand feet over AfghanistanThey drop them heavy cant see a manYahoo they yell and the horizon changesWe got them bad those animals in cagesBack to base reload and relaxation
Bangkok girls are young and plentyCheap to work and fuck all centuryOur boys need space the admiral ragesDead women and viruses on the streets America
We can replace them with immigrant men he pleadsReinforcements needed to bolster the forcesBangkok girls are young and plenty$10 fuck all ages stripped and baby faces
people in America their ire inflatedwhy do they threaten us in our home spacesTV reports that we are winning Or is it a story their spinning he asks
Gets sent to detention for thinkingJust like Bradley manning…

Power Of One

The beautiful sky looked back at meI smiled back and saidWhat wonders there are for everyoneWho believes in the power of one
It’s a simple story the cloud saidYou get pushed and bumped sometimesI asked was this a question for meI was simply asking for more sun
It hid awhile behind a cloudDoubt crept into my mindThen all at once if popped outThe sun made me smile
I laughed again the joy of lightThe mounting struggles and the strifeBut I kept to the plan laid for meI knew it would be all right
Love is not a possessionThere is no bank big enoughIt’s what we call the living we doWhen we do it right
The beautiful sky laughs with meWe talk most days when we canGet used to being in love with lifeBe surprised by the power of one

Pure Love…

Purely for love and no other reasonI do these things for you without conditionI humbly ask you my dear lordTo open the hearts of all those closedPurely for love and no other reason
I told her I loved her she asked me whyI tried to explain she started to cryHer tears were real we both embracedPurely for love and no other reason
I humbly ask god for some directionI remember the hearts of all those brokenThe families split up children are cryingPurely for love and no other reason
I started to sing my song went like thisKeep us together forever may it lastStay with me and make me strongPurely for love and no other reason
The days unfold like sheets of windBlowing across this difficult worldSoothe the soul and make us kindPurely for love and no other reason
My health is weak but my heart is firmI try my best I believe in my godSometimes it works sometimes I cryPurely for love and no other reason

The Eyes of a Child

Let me see with the eyes of a childNo fear no loneliness only smilesFor I know now that what I hearIs the sweet offering of love
Kinds words kinds deeds tookindness that is born of love.So why asks god a little troubled aboveDo I see children starving on TV
Aha hums god thinking they lovedThe wealth and the prestige I allowedprayers they used to say like childrenI listened nightly .amen
Pity the little mites nothing to biteFood aplenty for all eternityMankind greedy when so many needyVengeance swears god instead
Don’t let them die it makes me cryBillionaires everywhere looking onSo I say this to all who resistTo see with the eyes of a child.amen

Fix It

Don’t sexualise my children please don’t interfereFix itDon’t turn my children into mental garbage binsFix itDon’t let my children starve to death all over the worldFix itDon’t fill the oceans with chemicals and plasticFix it Your time is running out and my patience is thinningYou better fix it I’m tired of the  prayers that don’t come from the heart,Fix itI’m worn out listening to global requests for help,Fix it

If you live in awe and wonder in your little castleWhile my children die with no food inside,I’ll fix it.

Valium Mothers

Valium mothers not so bad after all, rather than screaming and shouting and that wonderful stuff, they sit around all day smiling forever doing the washing up, they do it all for real the worry and the obscene, at the mercy of strange men who had valiums mothers themselves you see, a permanent cancer that goes from strength to strength the only way to kill it is to stop it growing up, like all those things we hold dear the pretend stuff and the rest we all forget, we never expect to be on the end of that when the rocket blows up, like valium mothers we ain’t in it for the thrill, it’s when you get the worn down feeling when you’ve had enough, not the valium that’s here to stay, it’s all the truth that they unwind when they know your down and you’re not strong enough.Child roars it her’s you begin to relax a little more, you can stay in the present like the world don’t exist, and you don’t have to be A MOTHER, but it seldom explodes that great imagination you call hope, you took your first tab ten years ago, a month you said would be enough, but the danger sought you and piled in your fears too magnified to be forgotten cause you emptied your soul to a whole team of fears and now you can’t get enough,  once you slip into that world of now when all that matters most is the me, you start counting the days till the next prescription says need, cause you can’t survive unless those dreams remain alive and you just can’t afford to give up, for valium mothers once they get a taste of forever are impossible to stall or to beat while in the valium heat,Men so discerning with their visions of the future and a past that don’t hold up,  if it was based on evidence this life and all that remains we’d  have been doomed soon enough, but it’s the mothers you see and valium they need to quieten things down, that are keeping the dream alive.