Start spreading the views, the ability to turn shit into trifle, you could eat her from the sheet, news spread, what affect on women, girls don’t matter, beat it Murdoch,the world dressed up like a red santa, trimmings more like it, mouth spread wide open,teeth dazzling courtesy of chemical bleach, no one had teeth this white, not even god,latest addition to starlet and fame, another victim of the most rabid disease, celebrityitis. Look her up and down, looked good for seventeen, her  peek and sheer cheek, bare assed, no dark showing, wasn’t meant to, women spread for men, spread-eagled the competition, everybody was using the spread word, never associated with disease though, too unsalesmanlike, have newspaper editors ever heard of children, considered the consequences, a lassie spread across page after page of print, made passing shit in the bowel more tolerable though, jam tarts, margarines, all forms of spreads, wonderful word  not unlike tread, his interest in the word, Godly.  

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