69 reasons for a revolution…

69 Reasons for a revolution

Others, basically put, your family and future children, if there is a future.

those in situ are making a balls of things and it’s costing you.

there is a better way forward and the raft your on is sinking.

you don’t believe your being fairly treated and cant afford a lawyer.

your reputation is being destroyed and there’s nothing you can do.

the country is in the grip of tyrants who control money land and drugs.

the police force is partly corrupt.

the world has changed and the government cant.

you want a society that cares not craves.

too many dealers and not enough craic, the real kind.

a wealthy few seem to be stealing your money legally.

system needs a change before we all become extinct.

water is no longer clean,  so your using chemicals to keep yourselve alive.

when it’s easier to pick up an STD than a friend

when the elderly become the hunted.

when children are denied an education.

when the wealthy control the rudder of direction.

stop unemployment growth and encourage the positive.

stop the exploitation of people and resources

fairer society, you want more blondes in charge

when the truth becomes extinct

in order to reinvent society, less air brush more truth.

cease the destruction of the earth.

unite people in the direction of good

better value for money

a new start

too much PR and spin is destroying your trust in people

government is titanic bound and your on board

jesus was a revolutionary and you believe you can be one too!

you want respect for society and all people

you believe in the need to change and adapt

you don’t trust those in charge

you want a better lifestyle

tired of cynicism and the general apathy that follows

want to believe in things getting better.

you prefer fresh over processed people, food also.

tired of listening to excuses and not reason

celebrityitis is driving your children,wife and friends crazy


the legal drug industry and the thriving care industries

love and sex has exhausted us

children need a fair start and chance, no exploitation of the young

no trust in the legal system or the judiciary

slow and no broadband

re ignite the flames of hope and the thrill of real love.

re ignite a more Christian outlook among folks

global demand for Viagra soars in a world of scarce medicines

redeem our mistakes and make some repairs.

the death of 100 by flu is an emergency while people starve by millions

when you realise that those in power are looking after themselves

the people are sick of their government

corrupt government appoints corrupt cronies

too many children without a good education

sin doctors running the country

society breaking down and family life too

organised crime taking a grip and government helpless

country going in the wrong direction and people helpless

government not listening to the people or expert opinion

world crashing apart and divided and getting meaner too

no vision no vibrancy and no confidence in the leadership

country sinking faster than the titanic

those in power too connected to too many wealthy people

newspaper barons propping up government

white collar crime seen differently, billions but no violence!

no facilities for teenagers in most cities and towns

drugs traded openly and regularly throughout the state

police investigating itself

tired of it all

the second coming of Christ is fast approaching

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